on Dec 16, 2016 14:08

5 antidotes for those who feel the cold in winter

A snugly dressed young woman sitting on her sofa and keeping the cold at bay

Between the frost on the windscreen in the morning and again when you leave work at night, the heating on full blast at home and in the office, the endless layers of clothes, the thick sweaters back in the wardrobe and especially on our backs, oh yes - winter seems to have set in! And if you feel the cold, that’s enough to send an extra shiver down your spine...

We spend our days covering up, adding layers, blowing our nose, drinking hot drinks and saying "brrrrrr, I'm chilled to the bone"; and our evenings fighting with the throw on the sofa, woolly-socked feet ensconced in our slippers, decked out in our flannel pyjamas and yet somehow still managing to be cold...

So, here are 5 antidotes, for those of you who feel the cold and can’t live at less than 30 degrees centigrade!

1) Don’t go anywhere without your hot water bottle!

The Hand Warmer hot water bottle has been voted THE product of the winter by a 100% female panel at Lanaform! Nothing else beats it when snuggling up for a cosy evening on the sofa, in bed or even in the arms of your other half.

A small tip from Lanaform: our Hand Warmer is one of the many products sold in the Di shops in Bastogne and Arlon, and is undoubtedly the favourite of the manager, Nathalie Pire.

Small and practical, you can take it everywhere. Electrically powered with a quick charge, it gives off heat for hours and even all through the night! Nathalie uses it in her everyday life and has even won over her family to her cause. Her mum has it on her as soon as a cold spell sets in and her daughter jumps on it systematically as soon as she’s back from her swimming lessons.

And she’s on a roll! A consummate professional, she has also convinced her female clientele. From single women to couples where the man has unsociable working hours, from young mothers to older women, they all use the Hand Warmer on a daily basis. The hot water bottle follows them everywhere - on the sofa in front of the television, in bed when their companion isn’t there to keep them warm, in their baby’s cradle or pram during winter strolls and whenever they’re out and about in general. Now that’s a story to warm the cockles of your heart!

The Hand Warmer is available in various colours - coral, grey and blue - and, who knows, you may even get your men folk to use it to warm sore muscles, or you may simply use it as inspiration for a great Christmas present

2) Wear thermal tights and underwear beneath all your clothes!

In winter, don’t leave home without thermal tights or underwear and put an end to those very unpleasant draughts up your back, that all-pervading cold and feet like blocks of ice. There is an array of clothing, stockings, tights or socks of this type in stores. These lightly breathable items, generally knitted with a very soft thread, give you an impression of comfort, softness and warmth throughout the day. Once tried, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them!

3) Moisturise your hands!

Who has never suffered from the agony of frozen, blue, red and completely chapped hands brought on by the cold? While gloves are essential for protecting our hands and keeping them warm throughout the winter, moisturising them is also very important. Moisturising and massaging your hands will stimulate blood circulation and warm them up instantly.

4) Drink soup and hot chocolate - yes it works!

No, soup is not just something your grandma makes! Not only is it good for your health, soup will warm you up. Homemade, in a packet or from a carton, choose the one you like the most. Use broths if you come down with a cold.

Drink hot chocolate - and if you have any Belgian chocolate conveniently lying around, skewer a big square of chocolate or, better, a chocolate truffle, onto a cocktail stick and let it melt in hot milk. Add some chantilly cream and you will discover the meaning of true happiness.

5) Get behind the stove!

Yes, the oven warms a room on its own! So leave your doors open so that the heat can seep into every room Smile
And for that ultimate homely feel, bake some delicious shortbread, and keep warm by feeding the body and soul!