on Jan 26, 2018 09:52

Goodbye SAD, I’m getting my mojo back!

2018 is well under way - and have your New Year’s resolutions already been pushed to one side? It’s difficult to stay motivated. Our mood is all wrong, tiredness is constantly hounding us and the frankly bleak weather isn’t helping at all. But, chin up, this little reminder of everyday tips you can adopt will make a difference!

I will get my mojo back despite the seasonal gloom!

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a seasonal mood disorder. Every year, it resurfaces from the month of October, and only leaves us alone again when the weather finally gets better. It is possible that you are being particularly badly affected by this affective disorder this year. Lack of daylight is the principal cause. We physically slow down, we have difficulty controlling our sugar consumption, and our bed is The Place To Be.

I will get my mojo back by controlling my sleep pattern!

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Do you feel tired because your nights are not restful; do you take ages to get to sleep and, when you do, don’t want to wake up again?

Our advice:

  • Settle down in comfort with the right pillow
  • Treat yourself to a light therapy session targeted to your needs. If you have difficulty getting to sleep or your sleep is disturbed, have a session every morning. On the other hand, do you fall asleep too early? A luminotherapy session in the late afternoon will get your reserves back up in no time
  • Learn to respect your sleep cycle
  • Avoid blue light sources by putting your computer and your GSM to one side an hour before going to bed.

I will get my mojo back by moving as much as possible!

As you will surely know, exercise tires you out and energises you at the same time. Regular exercise enables you to tone up and feel more dynamic.

It’s time to brave the cold and bad weather and spend a few minutes every day doing some exercise. 30 minutes of exercise every day at home, outdoors or at the gym can make all the difference. As well as being an excellent way of letting off steam, it’s also an ideal opportunity to get rid of the frustrations of the day and share a moment of well-being with the person of your choice.

I will get my mojo back by trying to eat superfoods!

Photo by Lior Mazliah on Unsplash

Rather than focusing on sugar, try to eat natural products full of nutritional value, such as superfoods. These contain large quantities of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. There are all sorts of superfood groups for getting your mojo back, such as seeds, seaweed, fruit, green vegetables, etc.

I will get my mojo back by enjoying myself and being self-indulgent!

Don’t forget our saying:

“It is important to make someone happy and it is important to start with yourself.”

Being happy in your own skin and doing what you enjoy will also help you rediscover your top form. Hang in there, the sun is not that far away!