on Jan 29, 2014 22:36

Healthy air to keep up your health !

an air humidifier is a good way of maintaining healthy air in your home or workplace

It’s winter. The days are getting darker and shorter as the cold sets in. At home, we turn up the heat and roll down the shutters...

What effect does a lack of healthy air have on our health ?

The air inside our homes is heated and inadequately refreshed, which makes for a dry indoor environment, which in turn may cause breathing difficulties.

How to fill your home with healthy air

A solution to purify your indoor air is to set up an air humidifier. There are various air humidifier types to cater for all rooms around the house, even for the children’s bedroom. An air humidifier can be very useful for maintaining good indoor air quality at home and in the workplace. The mist emitted by the ultrasound of an air humidifier neutralises the electrostatic charge of the dust, causing it to settle on the floor, ready to be vacuumed, and leaving the fresh and purified air available to be inhaled.

How to choose the right air humidifier

There is a whole range of air humidifier models out there : warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, etc. To find the right air humidifier for you, pay attention to the following details :

  • Is the tank capacity linked to the autonomy of the appliance ?
  • Is the appliance suited to the volume of the room or workplace ?
  • Does the air humidifier have an ‘automatic stop’ feature when the water tank is empty ?
  • Does the appliance have a room humidity level detector ?
  • Can you adjust the level of mist produced ?
  • Does the humidifier come with a timer switch ?
  • What is the maximum mist diffusion ?
  • How much running noise does the air humidifier produce ?

You can’t put a price on maintaining good health... so don’t wait any longer to fill your home with healthy air !

controlling humidity can also help you save money on energy bills