on Oct 26, 2017 09:47

Heat and its many benefits. You would be wrong to do without it

The benefits of heat for your health

There’s no getting away from it - the warmth of those mild, sunny days is a thing of the past. The drop in temperature makes us want to take refuge under the duvet. When our mood takes a dive, certain ailments start re-emerging. We could let it get us down, but there is a natural remedy that can help - heat.

Heat for relieving pressure and enjoying real moments of complete relaxation

There is nothing like indulging in your favourite activity in the warmth to forget the stress of the day and relax. For example, have a hot bath or shower.
At up to 39 degrees, a hot shower cocoons you in a feeling of inner warmth. The stress washes away, and you are left with a moment just for you, to take a breath and enjoy the feeling of well-being caused by the release of endorphins that comes from the heat.

Don’t forget:

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil for a heady, relaxing aroma.
Take advantage of this moment of relaxation to have a lie down. Restful night guaranteed.

However, you can’t stay in the bathroom all day. There are other ways to take advantage of the benefits of heat at home - with a heated duvet, for example . They are ideal for staying wrapped up while enjoying your favourite TV series.

Heat reduces pain in the event of muscular stiffening

Heat can prove to be your best friend after physical exercise. No matter how much effort you put in, you can feel the effect of exercise in your muscles - especially when you do another session of your favourite sport. To remedy this muscular stiffening, heat is once again the ideal solution for reducing tension and relieving tightness. Its vasodilatory effect enables better blood flow and so increases oxygen in the heated area.

Discover our solutions for relieving muscular aches:

Heat - a beauty asset

Do you remember our article on the benefits of hot steam and cold vapour, which set out the benefits of heat on the health of your skin? This is because the skin is deep-cleansed and freed of impurities.

Briefly, the benefits of heat on your skin are:

  • It regenerates the skin;
  • It encourages skin decongestion;
  • It releases toxins by dilating the pores in your skin;
  • It prepares your skin for deep exfoliation;
  • It helps your skin absorb the lotions you apply.

You can see that heat is an indispensable remedy for our well-being. It would be wrong of us not to use it for treating small everyday aches and pains.