on Sep 27, 2017 15:00

New fitness activities to stay in shape and keep up your motivation

Discover new fitness activities

Are traditional fitness activities no longer motivating you the way they used to? Are you finding endless new excuses to avoid your fitness session? Why not try out a different sports activity? These activities are much more than exercise – they’re a real moment of pleasure and fun. Relax, unwind, chill out, you’re only risking one thing - feeling good!

Choosing a fitness activity that you will keep up in the long term

To get the most out of your exercise session and keep it up in the long term, you need to choose an activity that will make you want to throw yourself into it from the outset.
Do you prefer dance, acrobatics, running, or team sports? Doing a discipline that you enjoy and that stimulates you is the number one rule if you want to meet the goals you’ve set yourself.

Hoop dance - a fitness activity that develops your body’s suppleness and coordination.

If you love dancing and you basically want to work on your suppleness while taking part in an intense fitness activity, we suggest taking up a hoop dance course. This discipline, which originates in tribal dance, consists of dancing with a hoop.

The benefits of hoop dancing are:

  • it sculpts your body
  • it stimulates artistic expression.

Pilates - a fitness activity recommended for bad backs.

Somewhere between yoga, dance and gymnastics, Pilates is a fitness activity carried out on a mat on the ground. This discipline uses 34 basic exercises to develop so-called deep muscles that are responsible for balance and posture. It is possible to do even more using specific machines.

The benefits of Pilates are:

  • the exercise is relatively gentle as it avoids sudden movements and impacts
  • it essentially works the abdominal, buttock and dorsal muscles
  • it relieves muscular pain.

Aquabiking - an exercise that tones the body

This activity, invented by Italian physiotherapists, has been a real hit for some years now. Slightly more intense than the activities mentioned above, this is the one to choose if your objective is to keep your shape by toning your figure. Its cardio effect burns fats, while the movement of the waves will reduce the orange peel look of your skin. The atmosphere in these exercise sessions is always great, so you will start your session feeling energetic and motivated.

The benefits of aquabiking are:

  • it drains circulation from the legs and reduces the “heavy legs” effect
  • the movement of the water prevents soreness
  • each session will give you a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

POUND - a complete fitness activity inspired by Pilates and dance.

This discipline, which is similar to fitness, comes from California. Its distinctive feature is that it combines exercise and percussion. Relatively intense, pound works your muscles. This is a physical activity that you will put everything into while enjoying the pulsing rhythms. The only indispensable items are your two Ripstix. These two sticks set the timing for your movements. POUND is a discipline that matches everyone’s rhythm and is accessible to every level. So, no more excuses for not being carried away by the lively rhythm of this new form of exercise.

The benefits of POUND are:

  • it burns calories
  • it works out the whole body
  • it will help with muscular and cardiovascular strength
  • it improves coordination and memory
  • it is ideal for winding down to rhythms you love.

Fitness activities to carry out in a class or at home.

You will have noticed that all these activities can be carried out in a class, as part of a group. Nevertheless, our schedules often require a certain amount of flexibility in the timings. Being able to move your exercise session at any moment is important to you. But there’s no excuse - all these activities are easy to arrange on a daily basis at home.

Verdict: what activity will you choose?