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Our well-being gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas gift ideas

Do you want to make a big impression this year when the presents are opened, and surprise your loved ones with gifts that will really do them good? The bigger the family, the more stockings hanging over the fireplace! So you need to come up with some good gift ideas to stop Christmas becoming a big problem.

Lanaform gift ideas for her and for him

Gift idea 1: the Stand Mirror

The Stand Mirror is the perfect present for ladies who enjoy taking time over their make-up and want to see with ease what they are doing with their beauty enhancement. They meticulously make sure that every detail counts and that the result is fresh, beautiful and perfect. This gift idea is also highly suitable for meticulous men who like a very close shave.

Gift idea 2: the MILI

Go for a Mili if the person you are spoiling appreciates design, likes a pleasant aroma in the house and has a strong preference for natural odours. Give them a diffuser with an essential oil containing active ingredients that offer numerous health benefits. Each diffuser not only emits a delightful aroma but can also invigorate and relieve certain ailments. Give your loved one the chance to start the New Year on a high, thanks to the powers of our organic oils.

Gift idea 3: What would you say to a BUBBLE FOOTCARE?

The Bubble Footcare is a bubble bath for the feet - the perfect solution for a well-earned break after life’s exertions. Whether the person is a real live wire during the day or a football fan (for example), they are sure to regularly suffer from foot problems! If so, they are bound to be pleased to get a Bubble Footcare, to help them catch their breath and relax. It’s the Christmas gift idea that will make people envious!
PS: It’s also a great present for people who just want to take care of themselves and have lovely pedicured feet all year round.

Gift idea 4: the Heating Overblanket cover

Do you live with the queen of cocooning? Well this one’s in the bag! There’s no shortage of cocooning gift ideas at Christmas. This is a present for people who like winter because it’s the perfect excuse to stay at home. Yet, on the other hand, they hate this season because it’s too cold. For them, the ultimate consolation is the warmth of a soft duvet to crawl under when they get home, for an evening of perfect cocooning.

Gift idea 5: the Wake-Up Light

Come to the rescue on difficult mornings and give someone a present that hibernating creatures dream of - a Wake-Up Light. We all know someone who finds getting out of bed a real test every morning. So what if you gave them the solution they have always been looking for? After all, Christmas is a time for magic, isn’t it?

Gift idea 6: My Nails

My Nails is an ideal gift idea for any creative individual who likes to express themselves on their nails. This kit will enable them to maintain a perfect, precise manicure.

Of course, our Christmas gift ideas don’t stop there! Take a look at our wide range of products for children and adults. Who knows - the gift of your dreams may well be hiding here: lanaform.com