on Aug 11, 2017 14:33

Prevent and reduce face lines in a few minutes a day? Challenge accepted!

Prevent and reduce wrinkles in a few minutes a day.

Getting wrinkles at a certain age can seem disastrous. Using a cream is usually recommended as the most affordable way of preventing and reducing face lines.

But other natural solutions can help us and augment the effects of this type of skin care - everyday habits you can adopt that will tone up your skin for the long term and help you in the battle against wrinkles.

When do you need to tackle face lines?

The first wrinkles generally appear when you hit thirty.

Nevertheless, the adage “prevention is better than cure” applies fully to all cases of wrinkles. Once they have taken hold, they are hard to get rid of.

Facial exercises: 1, Wrinkles: 0.

Just as the body needs exercise, your face needs toning to stay young and radiant. Facial exercises are essential for preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Muscle contraction exercises will strengthen the subcutaneous muscular tissue and give you firmer skin. Once the microcirculation has been stimulated in this way, it will encourage the production of collagen and elastin.


  • Easy to do - the simplest exercise is to smile.
  • You can practise facial exercises in front of the mirror, in the car, in front of the TV, etc.

Examples of anti-wrinkle exercises for use without moderation:

Facial massage vs. wrinkles

Massage is a relaxation ritual that allows you to fully let go. It is a way of focusing on yourself again and spending a precise few moments in symbiosis with your body. This reconnects you with your soul and reduces everyday tension. Having a facial massage every day will relax the features of your face and play an important role in the reduction of wrinkles.


  • Not only will you tackle the wrinkles in your face, you will benefit from a reduction in stress levels.
  • Use of simple movements that can be applied several times a day.

Endermology to beat wrinkles

Endermology is a practice that will give you the ideal facial massage. Besides being massaged, the skin on your face is toned and stimulated through controlled suction. This painless technique will act on the skin to prevent ageing and wrinkles. Using a wrinkle suction device, the tissue fibres in your face will be strengthened and blood circulation boosted.


  •  You will benefit on a daily basis from a treatment comparable to that in a beauty centre.
  • Relax, forget everything, let the wrinkle suction device do it for you.
  • Easy to use.

Apply moisturising treatment as well and the wrinkles will be in disarray.

Day creams, night cream or serums, whatever suits you best. Choose your anti-wrinkle cream based on your age, skin type and the part of the face you want to protect from wrinkles. These solutions are to be applied to the face after deep cleansing, just before your daily session against wrinkles. This will enable you to enhance the active anti-ageing principles and moisturise your skin.