on Jan 29, 2014 22:36

Purify the air inside your home and enjoy a better quality of life!

Purifying the air inside your home will reduce the risk of allergies and breathing problems

Pure air is a hot topic in a world where we are constantly bombarded with news about poor air quality, smog, carbon dioxide quotas, fine particles, etc.
If you think you are safe from these pollutants inside your own home, think again! Recent studies have shown that air quality indoors is even poorer than the air you breathe outdoors. So finding solutions for purifying the air to avoid allergies and breathing problems is a must.

Pollutants inside your home

Our homes are jam-packed with products and appliances that can have a harmful effect on the ambient air quality. The main thing is to know which elements are involved, so you can eliminate the sources of pollutants inside your home. As such, it’s worth making sure combustion appliances in the home such as the oven, the cooker hood or the boiler are serviced on a regular basis. The boiler for instance should be checked over by a professional at least once a year, before winter sets in.
Mould and humidity in the house can also cause breathing problems. Get those never-ending water leaks (the roof, the pipework, the plumbing, washers, brickwork, joinery, etc.) seen to once and for all. At the first sign of mould, the key thing is to scrub the contaminated surfaces with a bleach solution and not waste time.

And finally, whatever you do, do not smoke indoors.

How to purify the air inside your home

Ventilation and aeration are the best way to get rid of home pollutants and improve indoor air quality.
You can also cleanse the interior air by using an ‘air purifier‘.
Air purifiers act in 3 stages :

  • the appliance first takes in the ambient air (intake).
  • this air is then sent through cartridge inside the air purifier, which is made up of a high number of filters that trap the pollutants, from the biggest size particles down to the smallest (treatment).
  • finally, the appliance releases nothing but clean air, that is to say air that has been cleansed of germs, bacteria, particles, and even bad odours, depending on the features of the appliance used (outflow).

Consider your health and the health of your nearest and dearest... The first step is clean air in your home !

In addition to airing and ventilation, an air purifier will get rid of pollutants and ensure fresh, clean air around the house.