Safety Handle

Description :

The hinged Safety Handle from Lanaform helps the user move about, stand up, bend down or sit down safely, anywhere that there is a high risk of falling or slipping, guaranteeing stability and comfort.

  • Thanks to its three mechanical suction pads and suction levers it can easily be attached to tiles, glass, fibreglass or porcelain.
  • The Safety Handle has colour indicators so you can make sure it’s safely attached before use.
  • It can be attached in different positions so it’s even easier to use. 

Specifications :

  • 3 suction pads
  • Length of the handle: 49cm
  • Height: 8cm
  • Diameter of the suction pads: 9.5cm
  • Maximum weight: 80kg

Technical specifications :

  • Product dimensions (cm)
50 x7x 7
  • Maximum weight (kg)
  • EAN ref.
  • Weight (kg)