Swing Trainer

Description :

Compact and really easy to use, the Swing Trainer from Lanaform is the perfect partner if you want to build up your lower and upper body and build up muscles in specific parts of the body.

With short, daily sessions, you can tone and build up the muscles in your thighs, bottom and abs, as well as your pecs and biceps.

The Swing Trainer is a comprehensive bodybuilding solution that lets you do exercises similar to those used in gyms and fitness centres.

It’s compact and easy to store, encouraging simple, regular use.

Specifications :

  • Compact and fun
  • Helps firm up and tone your muscles
  • Exercise sheets included
  • Packaging dimensions: 79 x 37 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 6 kg

Technical specifications :

  • Accessories supplied
exercise guide
  • Massage zone
buttocks, thighs, abdominal muscles
  • Product dimensions (cm)
79 x 37 x 18
  • EAN ref.
  • Weight (kg)

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