LANAFORM's Selection

  • New Vapolux humidifier

    The New Vapolux cool mist air humidifier by Lanaform helps combat dry air by increasing the humidity level of the room.

  • S1 Heating Blanket

    Lanaform’s S1 Heating Blanket electric pad for a single bed is the ideal partner for those damp and rainy winter evenings!

  • Heating Pad

    The electric heating pad by Lanaform is the ideal product for warming up in no time at all when it’s cold, damp or raining.

  • Humidificateur d'Air Zephyr
    Combining design and efficiency, the Zephyr air humidifier guarantees an optimum humidity level indoors, thus maintaining our health and well-being.
  • Foot Warmer

    The electric Foot Warmer guarantees warmth and comfort thanks to its highly effective heating system.

  • Hand Warmer

    The Lanaform rechargeable hand warmer provides heat and comfort every time it is used. You will experience the same effect as a cherry stone heat pillow.

Best sellers

  • Self Tanning Wipes

    These wipes will give you a quick, even tan. Your skin will look naturally tanned with this self tan.

  • Anti-cell Gel

    Anti-Cell slimming gel eliminates localised fat in your bottom and thighs, reducing that unsightly orange peel effect, making your skin clearer and smoother.

  • Visage+ anti-wrinkle device

    The Visage + wrinkle suction device combats wrinkles and fine lines, together with signs of ageing skin. This facial treatment restores radiance to your skin.

  • Skin Mass "vacuum" massage device

    The Skin Mass is a massage device that uses the “palpate and roll” action and suction to combat cellulite and tone your body.