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  • Baby Stone

    The Baby Stone by Lanaform is a baby thermometer with a probe which lets you measure baby’s body temperature or monitor baby’s fever.

  • Humidificateur d'Air Zephyr
    Combining design and efficiency, the Zephyr air humidifier guarantees an optimum humidity level indoors, thus maintaining our health and well-being.
  • Thermomètre infrarouge sans contact

    Ergonomic and easy to use, the IR infrared contactless thermometer measures body temperature or the temperature of any object instantly.

  • DT-100, thermomètre rectal, buccal et axillaire pour mesurer la fièvre de bébé.

    The DT-100 from Lanaform is a flexible baby thermometer with a probe that enables you to read your baby’s body temperature and monitor a fever.

  • pèse-personne

    Accurate and easy to read, the PDS-100 bathroom scale will track changes in your weight while adding a designer touch to your interior.

  • pèse-personne

    Their stylish, non-slip surface and backlit LCD screen mean that the PDS-110 AS bathroom scales are safe, elegant, and light

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