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Essential Oil Synergy
  • Relaxes and calms the nerves
  • Lavander, ylang ylang, sweet orange
  • Multiple uses possible
Synergy of essential oils effective in relaxing and calming the nerves.
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These are 100% pure, natural oils. These oils have enormous benefits that will help you soothe those everyday aches and pains.


Lavander, ylang ylang, sweet orange


Effective in relaxing and calming the nerves.

When diffused

Use the Wake-up Scents or a suitable diffuser. Pour a few drops of essential oil either onto the Wake-Up Scents’ pad or into the aroma diffuser’s reservoir provided for this purpose. To do this, refer to the instructions for the product concerned.


  • Do not use essential oils in the presence of a child under 3 or anyone who has asthma.
  • Essential oils should only be used for periods not exceeding 10 minutes in a baby’s room (baby under 3 years old) and only when the baby is not actually in the room.
  • Just a few drops (3 to 4 drops at most to 10ml of water) of essential oils are sufficient to ensure that the device works properly and the scent is being diffused. Excessive use of essential oils could damage the device.
  • Never use essential oils continuously and not for more than 10 minutes every half hour.
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