Wake-Up Light

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Dawn Simulator
  • Sunrise and sunset simulator
  • Light, radio or sound alarm
  • Bedside light or mood light

Inspired by the sunrise, the wake-up light uses a unique combination of light and sound to wake you up more naturally.

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The wake-up light offers you a gentle and natural way of wakening up. With the gradual light it emits, the Wake-up Light helps youwake up gently and naturally. The product produces its natural sound or your favourite radio station to make sure you wake up at the time you have set.

With its sunset function, the Wake-up Light also acts as a bedside lamp, so that you fall asleep at night using a progressive simulation of the sunset.

  • Multi-function wake-up light:
  • Wake-up light,
  • Sunrise simulator,
  • Sunset simulator,
  • Atmospheric lighting with 6 LED colour changes
  •  Bedside lamp
  • Music station
  • A natural way of waking up using a gradually intensifying light
  • Colour simulation of sunrise and sunset
  • Atmospheric lighting with 6 LED colour changes
  • Wake-up function using an integrated FM radio or 6 sounds from the world of nature
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • 260 Lux light intensity (at a distance of approximately 25cm)
  • Alarm can be adjusted to 2 different times
  • Snooze function
  • Setting of 30 radio stations
  • LCD display with adjustable blue backlighting
  • Back-up battery in the event of a power cut
  • Type of light tubes: LED white light: 15 pcs x 0.2W, LED RGB light: 15 pcs x 0.3W
  • Lit surface area: ø 17cm
  • Intensities: 15
  • LED lighting: yes
  • Product dimensions: 17 x 17 x 6.6 cm
  • Power: 7.5W
  • Voltage: 3 x 1.5V
  • Frequency: 50W
  • CE: yes
  • EAN ref.: 5410984068982
  • Weight: 0.53 Kg
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