1. Our pre-summer Lanaform routines

    Our pre-summer Lanaform routines
    The end of the school year is approaching - and so too are the holidays. Before this more than pleasant period begins, here is our checklist of little routines for getting ready for the arrival of summer. What with your darling offspring's exams, the stress of work and the urge to fine-tune your fig
  2. Electrostimulation for intense relaxation

    Electrostimulation for intense relaxation
    Backache? Neck pain? Sore shoulders? Do these symptoms sound familiar? In a previous article, we looked at the benefits of electrostimulation in the cosmetic and sports sectors and saw how it's possible to improve sports performance by using electrostimulation. But did you know that it's also a usef
  3. Improve your sports performance with electrostimulation

    Improve your sports performance with electrostimulation
    Have you heard of electrostimulation and the benefits that it can bring? If you haven't yet, you need to arrange a catch-up session... Muscular electrostimulation is a recognised technique in the fields of medicine and sports, combining improvement in everyday well-being with physical activity. So,