Waist Warmer - Multi-purpose electric heated belt

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  • Long-lasting, comforting warmth for hours (3 hrs)
  • Ready-to-use, quick charging time (10 minutes)
  • Multi-purpose, with a belt and front pouch

Enjoy hours of comforting warmth with our Waist Warmer multi-purpose electric heated belt. Charged in just a few minutes, the Waist Warmer electric hot water bottle provides a real moment of well-being, completely autonomously.<\p>


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Warmth made easy

Ready to use, the multi-purpose Waist Warmer electric heated belt requires no filling. No risk of burning, all you need to do to charge it in full is plug it into the mains for about 10 minutes.

Once charged, it exudes a constant heat for at least 3 hours.

Warmth, multi-purpose

Whether for the hands, back, tummy or legs, the multi-purpose Waist Warmer electric heated belt is the perfect companion for those cold days.


All you need to do is slip the rechargeable hot water bottle into the belt it comes with, to enjoy warmth in your back and tummy. The Velcro fasteners guarantee a perfect hold for all body shapes. Chilly hands? Slip them into the velvety pouch in the front of the belt for a even warmer feeling.

Warmth with a wide range of benefits

Want to warm up on chilly days?

The multi-purpose Waist Warmer electric heated belt relaxes and warms you up in seconds.


Do you suffer from muscle tension or pain?

The Waist Warmer hot water bottle relieves aches and pains and relaxes tense muscles, thanks to the principle of thermotherapy, the application of a heat source to relieve and treat muscle pain. The raised temperature in the targeted part of the body activates blood circulation, promoting cell repair.

Warmth, any time

No more cable and plug issues: the Waist Warmer can be used autonomously. Once the electric hot water bottle is charged, all you need to do is slip it into the belt, then you can move around any time and still enjoy the benefits of warmth all throughout.

Warmth, completely safely

The Waist Warmer electric heated belt is fitted with a safety thermostat to prevent overheating, with automatic shutdown at the end of each charge. The water pouch and its three layers of protection also ensures it remains completely watertight.


Warmth, eco-friendly

The Waist Warmer cover is made up of a mixture of very soft, pleasant-to-touch fabrics. Its fibres are made from recycled PET (plastic bottles), with no less than 16 of them used to make the product.

  • Mit NetzanschlussMit Netzanschluss
  • HeatingHeating
  • ÜberhitzungsschutzÜberhitzungsschutz
  • Autonomie: 3 StundenAutonomie: 3 Stunden
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Universum Comfort
Funktion Multi-purpose electric heated belt
Farbe Grau
SKU LA180207
EAN 5410984110810
Specifications Mit Netzanschluss, Heating, Überhitzungsschutz, Autonomie: 3 Stunden
Abmessungens (LxHxT) 115.5x19.5x6 cm
Intensitäten 1
Autonomie (Std.) 3
Kabellos Ja
Automatische Abschaltung Ja
Schutz vor Überhitzung Ja
Materialien Baumwolle, Polyester
Energieversorgung Netzbetrieben
Leistung (W) 400
Spannung (V) 220-240
Packungsgewicht (kg) 1.600000
Farbfeldabmessungen 28 x 19 x9 cm
Qbox 4
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