Luxury Facial Steamer - Facial sauna with hot steam and cool mist

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  • Facial sauna with hot steam and cool mist
  • A thorough facial for better hydrated, softer, smoother skin
  • x3 magnifying mirror
Enjoy the benefits of the combination of hot steam and cool mist during your facial routine at home, equipped with a x3 mirror and an accessory kit, the Luxury Facial Steamer acts deeply on the skin to cleanse, moisturise and rid it of toxins.

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Luxury Facial Steamer, the facial sauna with hot steam and cool mist

With its dual emissions of hot steam and cool mist, the Luxury Facial Steamer offers thorough skin care and takes action against the signs of ageing. The result? Cleansed, hydrated skin and a toned face.

What kind of steam? What are the benefits?

The benefits of hot steam and cool mist have been acknowledged as part of facial care for centuries. The combination of hot steam and cool mist helps to combat skin problems, courtesy of the benefits they both result in. The skin is then visibly clearer, free of toxins, cleansed and thoroughly hydrated.

The benefits of hot steam

  • Opens the pores to cleanse impurities
  • Hydrates deeply 
  • Promotes the absorption of care
  • Reduces spots and blackheads

The benefits of cool mist

  • Closes the pores
  • Tones your skin
  • Combats signs of ageing

In practice

As well as offering a choice between hot steam and cool mist, the Luxury Facial Steamer has a wide range of benefits in terms of giving yourself a full facial. The magnifying mirror (x3) makes facial care easier by acting on the skin in minute detail. The 100% stainless steel accessory kit includes five double-tipped instruments to easily remove hard-to-eradicate imperfections such as blackheads, whiteheads and spots. It works on all skin types and is very easy to use. The Luxury Facial Steamer is also equipped with a tank with a capacity of 300 mL, ensuring full autonomy during your facial. The water spout makes the device safe to use.

Compatible with essential oils

The Luxury Facial Steamer offers the option of scenting the steam or mist with essential oils or seeds, dried fruit or dried flowers. Depending on requirements, all you need to do is add the aromatic of your choice into the basket provided. The steam or mist emitted then takes on the benefits of the fruit, seeds, flowers or essential oils and simultaneously scents the face with a pleasant fragrance.

A customisable care routine

Enjoy the Luxury Facial Steamer to take on a facial routine

1. Start by cleansing your skin for a five-minute hot steam facial sauna session.

2. Once your facial pores are fully open, if necessary use the accessory kit to remove and cleanse blackheads, dead skin and other imperfections. You can also use a scrub, which will completely unclog the pores and remove the comedones.

3. A mask will soothe and relax your skin.

4. Apply a moisturiser to your face. When they are dilated by the hot steam, the pores will let in the active ingredients in the treatment and the essential oils, which release toxins and persistent impurities. Treatments applied subsequently will then be much more effective.

5. To finish, a five-minute hot steam facial sauna session will close the pores and tone the skin.

The effects will quickly become visible. Plumped, rehydrated and less uncomfortable, your facial skin will truly undergo a metamorphosis.

  • Accessories: 5Accessories: 5
Universum Beauty
Funktion Facial sauna with hot steam and cool mist
SKU LA131206
EAN 5410984111794
Specifications Accessories: 5
Abmessungens (LxHxT) 16.5x22.5x14 cm
Verdampfungsart Kalt & Warm
Kapazität (L) 0,3
Zubehör x3 magnifying mirror - Kit of 5 accessories to treat the skin and blackheads
Energieversorgung Netzbetrieben
Leistung (W) 320
Frequenz (Hz) 60
Spannung (V) 220-240
Packungsgewicht (kg) 1.650000
Farbfeldabmessungen 29.5 × 16.5 × 19.5 cm
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