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You want to take care of yourself and lead a healthy life, but this seems impossible due to your hectic lifestyle. In particular, you want to make physical exercise part of your daily life, but don’t have the time to attend fitness classes. Or perhaps you don’t know how to start?

Then find out about our fitness kits.

Choose the kit that makes you feel inspired now!

Our two kits include the following features

 Your fitness accessories

 2 months of training

 480 minutes of detailed exercises

 1 fitness guide

Kit 1: Balance & Pilates

€ 79

  • Inspired by the pilates method
  • Focus on the stabilising muscles of the abdominal core
  • Improving and maintaining balance
  • Less back and joint discomfort
  • For people who want to stay in shape and keep their bodies healthy

Kit 2: Tone & Shape

€ 79

  • Alternating between muscle training and cardio
  • Strengthening all muscle groups
  • Toning your body shape
  • Boosting your metabolism and calorie burn
  • For people who want to take on a new challenge and push themselves to the limits

And welcome fitness classes into your home...

The goal

To make physical
exercise a regular, no-pressure habit

Our two kits, one of which is a gentle gym-style programme and the other focuses on cardio and muscular strengthening, not only contain a set of specific accessories, but also include the training programme that goes with them.

And that’s not all! You will also have access to an 89-page guide that is full of advice in various subject areas to help to boost your everyday fitness.


Details of the kits


In the box

Fitball, small ball, resistance band, 2 bricks

Kit 1: Balance & Pilates

Inspired by gentle methods such as pilates, the exercises in the Balance & Pilates kit target the entire body, but with particular attention on the abdominal area and its core muscles.

When they are strong, they guarantee firm support, less back and joint discomfort and therefore improved general fitness.

This type of training is an ideal way of taking up exercise again in a gentle way, or of meeting the desire to keep fit and flexible without putting too much strain on your body.


In the box

Donut, ring, skipping rope

Kit 2: Tone & Shape

With exercises targeting all the muscle groups, the Tone & Shape kit will help you tone and strengthen your whole body, not only giving you a more svelt shape, but also a more active and robust body.

In addition, alternating with muscle exercises, cardio sessions at increasing levels of difficulty will boost your calorie burn and the beneficial effects of training.

Tackling these challenges one by one will have an undeniable effect on your self-esteem and morale!


Why is the help of a trainer provided?

Numerous advantages

First of all, this guarantees a high-quality programme, designed appropriately by someone who works with different people every day, and who is therefore well aware of the difficulties they may encounter as well as common mistakes.

Then, thanks to some simple guidance through the exercises, the trainer provides helpful advice throughout the training, specifically on how to position your body correctly and the safety positions to adopt to avoid injury and to enjoy all the benefits of the exercises.

What’s more, a friendly trainer assisting you through each training session undeniably provides more motivation!

Getting to know
Séverine Jacinto

Séverine Jacinto is a mother of 3 with boundless energy and emphasises respect for the body, far removed from the usual fitness clichés.

Enhanced by her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, yoga and many other subjects, her method is holistic and progressive. She advocates openness and precise techniques for profoundly strengthening the body and promoting general well-being.

Much more than simple physical exercises, her support generates a positive attitude, as part of a healthy lifestyle.