Merry Christmas !

You didn’t find the perfect gift yet? Don’t panic, Lanaform came up with 5 packs that are sure to please everyone. Now sit back and enjoy the Christmas magic.

Friday Night

Rapid Patch & Oh Mirror

This emergency pack is a must-have in every situation.

 22.79  19.00€


Oh Mirror, My Nails, Epil Net & Self Tanning

For those of us who enjoy being classy on a city trip.

 46.74  39.00€


Bali & Grapefruit

Gift the natural benefits of essential oil diffusion.

 55.49  49.00€


My Nails & Nail Lamp

The perfect gift for those of us who love being splendid all the way to the tips of our nails.

 65.39  59.00€


Hand Warmer & Foot Warmer

You will delight the person that’s always cold with this heating pack.

 76.98  65.00€


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The countdown until Christmas begins now ! As we approach D-Day, a nice surprise is waiting for you in Santa’s sack. Let’s go !