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With a worldwide reputation in professional circles, we draw on our experience and our reputation in the field of health, beauty and wellness. With a very extensive range, we meet every specific need of our consumers.

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Our values


Recharging your batteries and taking time to pamper yourself is vital for eliminating everyday stress. A real partner in wellness, we seek to create products that meet all your needs. Relax and take advantage of all Lanaform’s expertise at home.


Lanaform set up at the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes to create a wellness range that meets your needs. With our dynamic team, we have been able to foster our national pride and export our Belgian expertise abroad.


One of our key ambitions is to continually develop new articles at the forefront of technology. Every day we are working on the research and development of new products to contribute to tomorrow’s successes.


With a view to supplying quality products to consumers, we have all our products certified by officially-recognised bodies. We attach great importance, in both sales and customer service, to providing you with a quality, trustworthy service.

Our products

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Our products are real slimming partners, accompanying you at every stage of your life. Slimming, anti-cellulite, shaped figure, redefined curves …guaranteed promises.

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We place great importance on helping you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Reflecting this concern, we propose products designed to measure various vital parameters, such as temperature, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate.

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Air quality


Your interior design and the air you breathe play a role in your everyday well-being. That is why we are taking its development to the next stage, with a complete range of products combining design and technology.

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What could be more important than a good night's sleep! A comfortable cushion is often synonymous with peaceful and restorative sleep. We propose to enhance your well-being even more, by adding a little heat to make sure you feel snug and comfortable.

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Sport and exercise are essential to feel well. But after all that effort, a little pampering is required! To meet this need, our range includes products designed to help you stay in shape without forgetting the unparalleled pleasure of a good massage.

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We have developed a range of beauty products for you. Ideal treatments to do at home, making you feel as good as you do when leaving a salon.

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Gaby's World


Baby's health and comfort are essential for a parent. That is why we have developed the Gaby's World range to help you take care of your child.