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Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Essential oil diffuser with ultrasound
  • Natural materials: ceramic and bamboo
  • Assists soothing breathing through its light cycles

Made from natural materials, the Moya diffuses your essential oils according to the method and duration you have chosen and assists soothing breathing through its light cycles.

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Contemporary and full of finesse, the Moya has many qualities, making it a real partner in assisting your well-being. With ultrasound technology and a large, 280-ml reservoir, it efficiently diffuses your essential oils continuously or cyclically (30" on / 30" off) for the time you require, using its function timer (1, 3 or 8 hrs).

Even when it is not diffusing, the Moya is calm and soothing with its elegant design and composition of natural materials: a bamboo base and engraved ceramic shell. What is more, independently of or alongside diffusion, the Moya emits light of an orangey-white shade that filters through the ceramic shell to create an extraordinarily warm atmosphere.

Even when it is not diffusing, the Moya is calm and soothing with its elegant design and composition of natural materials

To relax, synchronise your
breathing with the light cycles

This light, which comes in 2 distinct intensities, also has a function that aids relaxation, changing as it does in regular cycles to which your breathing is synchronised: the light intensity increases for 5 seconds, then diminishes for 5 seconds, inviting you to practise a proven breathing technique.

A simple and effective exercise

“Cardiac coherence” is a breathing technique that aims to regulate the heart rate and nervous system with the aim of relaxing and improving the body’s functions. A typical session consists of breathing deeply at a rate of six breathing cycles a minute for five minutes, i.e. breathing in for 5 seconds then breathing out for 5 seconds.

Practised regularly, cardiac coherence brings numerous benefits to mental, emotional and physical health

Practised regularly, it brings numerous benefits to mental, emotional and physical health.

  • Immediate effect: reduction in the cortisol rate, thus easing stress
  • Medium/long-term effects: better management of stress and the emotions, improved concentration, help with treating psychological disorders (depression, anxious states, insomnia, etc.) or somatic complaints (cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems, etc.).
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  • Ultrasound diffuser
  • Natural bamboo base
  • Ceramic cover
  • 280ml capacity
  • Emission intensity (15-20ml/hr)
  • Continuous or cyclical diffusion (30’’ON/30’’OFF)
  • Timer function (1, 3, 8 hours)
  • Warm white light
  • 2 levels of light intensity
  • Assists soothing breathing through light cycles
  • Light separate from diffusion
  • Switches off automatically
  • SKU: LA120322
  • Name: Moya
  • Subfamily: essential oil diffusers
  • Tank capacity (L): 0.28
  • Timer: yes
  • Automatic shutdown: yes
  • Mood light: yes
  • Autonomy (h): 14
  • Maximum evaporation rate (ml/h): 20
  • Suitable for diffusion of essential oils: yes
  • Remote control: no
  • Technology: ultrasounds
  • Composition: ceramic & bamboo
  • Operating programs: 2
  • Packaging dimensions (cm): 19 x 18 x 19
  • Packaging weight (kg): 1.1
  • Power (W): 12
  • Voltage (V): 24
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • CE: yes
  • EAN: 5410984089925
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