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  • Ultrasound humidifier
  • Warm & cool mist
  • Top filling

    Choose between cool or warm mist to set the humidity level of your interior automatically using the Napo ultrasonic humidifier.

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    A commitment to your health

    We breathe approximately 20,000 times each day, representing a daily requirement of 12,000 litres of air. The quality of the air we inhale in this way has a direct impact on our well-being: air that is too humid can give rise to health problems (allergies, asthma, etc.), while overly dry air dries out the mucous membranes and skin, contributes towards fatigue and sensations of discomfort and, at the same time, increases air pollution.

    Doctors and specialists agree on an relative optimum humidity level of between 40 and 60%. The ambient air may become too dry, particularly in winter, because of the lack of ventilation and heating, etc. Although we don't always realise it, this impacts on our physical and mental well-being and alters the overall quality of the air by promoting its pollution.

    Taux d humidité

    Cool mist or warm mist, a response to every need

    The NAPO air humidifier allows you to check and adjust the humidity level of your interior, using either a cool mist (up to 300 ml/hr), or a warm mist (up to 400 ml/hr).

    The warm mist function means that most of the bacteria present in the water that is heated using electrical resistance can be removed. The steam is lukewarm and healthy at the device’s outlet. It spreads quickly in the atmosphere while providing a little additional heat.

    The cool mist has the advantage of providing a refreshing effect in summer, by avoiding the disadvantages caused by fans: drying out the air and mixing impurities (dust, allergens, etc.). This function is also less energy-intensive.

    A comprehensive and customised control of the humidity level

    The 4.5-ltr capacity of the reservoir means you can humidify your air for hours according to the parameters you require. In fact, you define the humification level either by choosing from the 3 emission intensities, or by determining the humidity level you want to reach in your room. Manage the emission optimally with the 360° adjustable nozzle. You may also decide to adjust the operating time from 1 to 12 hours.

    The NAPO will stop automatically, either when the reservoir is empty, or when the humidity level you require has been reached or even at the end of the programmed timer. It also has a "night mode" so that you can enjoy the comfort of humidified air automatically, continuously and in peace while you are sleeping.

    Do you want to add a touch of light to your living room? The humidifier has colour-alternating or fixed LED atmospheric lights, depending on your preferences.

    Napo mode nuit

    Management largely facilitated with the opening through the top

    The NAPO is one of a new generation of ultrasonic humidifiers, the reservoirs of which are filled through the top by removing a lid and not through a small opening in the base. This opening through the top greatly facilitates the everyday management of the device, when filling and emptying the reservoir, or even when cleaning it.

    The reservoir is also equipped with a handle, making handling and transport very convenient. Furthermore, the two notches located at the base of the humidifier mean that you can safely move it with its base as you need to and want to.

    Combining the useful with the pleasant using aromatherapy

    The NAPO air humidifier allows you to check and adjust the humidity level of your interior, using either a cool mist (up to 300 ml/hr), or a warm mist (up to 400 ml/hr).

    The NAPO is equipped with a tray for holding the essential oils of your choice. Pour a few drops of them onto the tray. They will then be efficiently diffused in the ambient air at the same time as the air is being humidified. You will thus combine the benefits of aromatherapy with those of humidificationto obtain optimum air quality. 

    With its many functionalities that optimise the experience of humidification, the PO is a complete product that fits in perfectly in your home.

    • Mood lightMood light
    • Changing coloursChanging colours
    • Essential oilsEssential oils
    • Intensities: 3Intensities: 3
    • Night modeNight mode
    • AdapterAdapter
    • TactileTactile
    • Ultrasound technologyUltrasound technology
    • Timer functionTimer function
    • WarmWarm
    • ColdCold
    • Built-in hygrometerBuilt-in hygrometer
    • Top-fillingTop-filling
    • Capacity: 4.5LCapacity: 4.5L
    • Visible water levelVisible water level
    • Autonomy: 11hrsAutonomy: 11hrs
    Universe Air Quality
    Colour White
    SKU LA120125
    EAN 5410984089987
    Specifications Mood light, Changing colours, Essential oils, Intensities: 3, Night mode, Adapter, Tactile, Ultrasound technology, Timer function, Warm, Cold, Built-in hygrometer, Top-filling, Capacity: 4.5L, Visible water level, Autonomy: 11hrs
    Dimensions (LxHxD) 19.3x32x19.3 cm
    Technology Ultrasounds
    Mist type Cool
    Capacity (L) 4.5
    Hygrometer Yes
    Intensities 3
    Programs 2
    Timer function Yes
    Filling type Top-filling
    Surface (m²) 25
    Diffusion of essential oils No
    Mood light Yes
    Tactile No
    Anti-limescale filter No
    Power (W) 30
    Frequency (Hz) 50, 60
    Voltage (V) 220-240
    Packed weight (Kg) 2.480000
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