Nuxo - Sleep Aid Device



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  • Combines 4 sleep aid techniques
  • Heart coherence breathing exercise
  • Light and sound therapy
Bringing together 4 recognised techniques to help you get to sleep, Nuxo is a sleep aid device that leads you into a state of serenity and rest that is favourable to falling asleep.
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A simple, natural solution to sleep disorders

If you suffer from a sleep disorder, you know only too well that falling asleep is a critical moment. Whether you suffer from circadian rhythm disorders (advanced, delayed, irregular) or from night time awakenings, falling asleep is a delicate phase that can suddenly be thrown off balance because of external factors, such as noises outside; or internal factors, such as obsessive thinking and ruminations. You become frustrated at not being able to get to sleep and focus your attention on what's keeping you awake. This sets up a vicious circle, which accentuates your anxiety about sleep.

Find out now how our new product dedicated to sleep, Nuxo, can help you.

Falling asleep more easily

Nuxo, our sleep aid device, meets a very precise need: falling asleep more easily. To suit all insomniacs, it combines 2 programmes that use light and 2 programmes that use sound.

These techniques are known to lead you into a state of serenity and rest facilitating falling asleep.

Each programme can be set individually using a timer switch, depending on how long it takes you to fall asleep, for a personalised experience.

Red light projection

Breathe in when the band expands, breathe out when it retracts. By timing your breathing to the red light that pulses in a slow, regular rhythm every 5 seconds, your breathing slows down and your stream of thoughts diminishes.

This is the principle of heart coherence, a breathing exercise that gives you a feeling of appeasement. Its aim is to regulate the heart rate and the autonomic nervous system. The hypnotic effect allows you to let go, occupying your brain with an activity that is much less interesting than your thoughts.

By practising this exercise when you go to bed, you find a feeling of appeasement and achieve natural sleep.

White noise

Although the beneficial effect of white noise on sleep has not yet been scientifically proven, it is undeniable, notably for babies. Both falling asleep and the quality of sleep are noticeably improved by this continuous, neutral sound, obtained randomly by combining all the frequencies of sound.

By saturating the hearing system, the brain gets the impression that external sounds are attenuated and therefore gives them less importance. You no longer focus on unpleasant noises around you. Thus, after a few minutes, you find yourself able to let go and find your sleep.

As well as aiding good sleep, you will find that white noise helps to improve concentration, to cut oneself off from the outside world and even to mask tinnitus (whistling in the ear).

The sounds of nature

Just like white noise, some sounds of nature have naturally appeasing and relaxing properties. In particular, birdsong, the sound of a river running or a fire crackling have this effect.

These calm sounds dissipate your ruminations and bring you a feeling of appeasing, helping you move naturally from a state of waking to sleeping.

Sunset simulator

The sunset simulator gradually reduces light in order to simulate the setting of the sun. It uses orange colours that gradually turn into a warm red, so as not to block the secretion of melatonin and help with gently falling asleep. In fact, the wavelength of red light favours falling asleep and more intense secretion of melatonin, while reducing the production of cortisol, the hormone of awakening.

Finally, Nuxo is equipped with a bedside lamp that has several brightness settings, so that you can read in bed with the desired amount of light.

Universe Health
Colour White
Function Sleep Aid Device
SKU LA190301
CNK 4284-261
EAN 5410984090723
Specifications Breathing light, Sounds, Sunset simulator
Dimensions (LxHxD) 12.5x8.5x11 cm
Sunset simulator Red light
Diffusion of essential oils No
Bedside lamp yes
Sounds from nature 4
Modes Cardiac coherence breathing exercise, white noise, sounds from the world of nature broadcast or sunset simulator
Variable light intensity Yes
Snooze function No
Backlighting No
Power supply Adapter
Power (W) 6
Voltage (V) 5
Packed weight (Kg) 0.430000
Colour box dimensions 16.5 × 16.0 × 15.0 cm
Qbox 4
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