Oh Mirror

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  • Pocket mirror
  • x1, x2 magnifying effect
  • LED

The “Oh Mirror” is a magnifying, illuminated pocket mirror. With its two x1 and x2 sides and LED light, it’s the indispensable pocket beauty accessory.

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The elegant “Oh Mirror” pocket mirror has two X1 and X2 sides and an LED light.

An indispensable, pocket-sized beauty accessory that can easily be slipped into your handbag so that you have it with you wherever you go.

Its strengths: a magnifying X2 side for careful application of makeup and an LED light for evenings out.

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  • 2-sided pocket mirror: X1 and X2.
  • Illuminated mirror with LED light.
  • Battery: 2 CR2032 1.5V
  • Mirror: x1/x2
  • LED lighting: yes
  • Mirror diameter: 7 cm
  • Voltage: DC 3 V
  • EAN ref.: 5410984058747
  • Weight: 0.106 Kg
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