Pureskin - Anti-ageing facial LED device



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  • Anti-ageing facial device
  • 6 treatment modes
  • 7 technologies
  • Red and blue LED lights
  • Heat emission and micro-current

Treat yourself to a salon-style anti-ageing facial with the multi-technology PureSkin, for visibly younger and smoother skin. 

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A full facial for rejuvenated, firmer and smoother skin

Want smoother, younger-looking, firmer skin on your face? The 6-in-1 PureSkin device provides a professional facial. By acting directly and deeply into the skin, PureSkin means you can cleanse your face, make it easier to apply cosmetics, help thoroughly rejuvenate and firm up the skin on your face, by regenerating the skin’s collagen and elasticity, but also by reducing wrinkles and fine lines, redefining your facial contours and keeping the production of sebum and acne in check.

PureSkin’s Secret? …galvanic current!

The key to PureSkin’s success is galvanic current, more frequently used by beauticians. It promotes the absorption of cosmetic active ingredients through the epidermis to the dermis.

What is galvanic current?

Galvanic current is based on the principle that equal charges repel each other and opposite ones attract each other. Cosmetic skin care products contain key ingredients with a negative or positive charge.

The idea is simple: PureSkin uses direct current carrying a negative or positive charge, which passes through the skin to stimulate its cells.

  • While cleansing the skin, PureSkin’s negative charge repels the cosmetic’s negative charge so it penetrates the dermis, attaching itself to impurities.

  • In nourishing mode, the positive charges emitted by PureSkin and the cosmetic repel each other, enabling the cosmetic’s beneficial ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. The positively charged PureSkin absorbs negatively charged impurities and expels them from the skin.

The skin is deeply nourished and hydrated. PureSkin counters the appearance of wrinkles and the skin becomes smoother, younger and more radiant!

By cleansing the skin and eliminating impurities, PureSkin not only wards off acne but can also repair damaged tissue and speed up the skin’s healing process.


Seven revolutionary technologies in the name of beauty

PureSkin is a combination of seven technologies in the name of your skin. By combining the latest techniques in facials, PureSkin makes visibly rejuvenated, firmer and smoother skin possible in just a few sessions.

    1. (Ultra)-sonic vibration
      Provides better permeability of the skin, improves absorption of cosmetic solutions, boosts cell activity

    2. Massages using a hot compress
      Makes it easier to cleanse the skin and absorb cosmetic products

    3. Emission of positive ions
      Helps eliminate impurities from the face

    4. Electroporation
      Boosts skin permeability

    5. Microcurrent massage (EMS)
      Boosts cell activity and helps firm up the skin

    6. LED blue (465nm) and red (623nm) light
      Controls the production of sebum and acne
      Boosts the production of collagen and reduces wrinkles

    Six treatment modes and multiple benefits for the skin

    By combining different technologies, PureSkin offers six fully complementary treatment modes:

    • A cleansing mode that opens the pores of the face and facilitates the absorption of impurities in the facial skin.
    • A nourishing mode, offering better penetration of cosmetic products such as lotions, serums, creams, etc.
    • A lifting mode, to firm up the skin and redefine the contours of the face (V-shaped). This mode is particularly recommended as an evening treatment.
    • A “Photon” mode, helping to rejuvenate the skin and to keep sebum production in check.A “massage” mode, offering a relaxing massage to rejuvenate the facial skin.
    •  A “soothing” mode, providing the facial skin with relaxation and regulating the production of sebum.

    A sleek design with multiple benefits

    PureSkin is also a sleek design that ensures an easy, comfortable grip, courtesy of its 800-mAh rechargeable battery, for 120 minutes of use. Its smart safety device ensures safe use at all times.

    • LEDLED
    • Rechargeable batteryRechargeable battery
    • EMS technologyEMS technology
    • Ultrasound technologyUltrasound technology
    • VibratingVibrating
    • HeatingHeating
    • Autonomy: 2hrsAutonomy: 2hrs
    Universe Beauty
    Colour Multicolour
    Function Anti-ageing facial LED device
    SKU LA131312
    EAN 5410984091157
    Specifications LED, Rechargeable battery, EMS technology, Ultrasound technology, Vibrating, Heating, Autonomy: 2hrs
    Dimensions (LxHxD) 5.5x16.5x4.5 cm
    Cleaning modes 6
    Decibels 0
    Starts automatically No
    Auto-OFF No
    Power supply Adapter
    Battery capacity (mAh) 800
    Autonomy (hrs) 2
    Power (W) 3
    Voltage (V) DC 5V 1A
    Packed weight (Kg) 0.430000
    Colour box dimensions 19.5 × 7.0 × 13.5 cm
    Qbox 20
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