Heavy legs alert - how to prevent the symptoms and relieve them effectively!

Does summer for you mean painful, swollen legs rather than sunshine and the beach? The return of the hot weather and having the sun on our legs encourages dilation of the veins. Blood circulation slows down, the blood stagnates, your legs swell up and you feel a strong sensation of heaviness... But we have a few tips to help relieve this scourge.

Preventing heavy legs...

It's the same every year - as soon as the hot weather arrives, your legs swell up and become painful, and the days seem endless... Let's start with a few tips for the best way to prevent heavy legs.

  • Try not to wear tight clothing. Avoid slim-fit and other close-fitting trousers.
  • When you are sitting at your desk, on public transport or even in the park, try not to cross your legs.
  • Carry out some non-impact physical activity for your legs. Avoid sports such as running - try swimming instead. Using flippers is even better for stimulating your legs!
  • Contracting the muscles is good for the blood circulation. If you don't have time for exercise, try to use the stairs instead of the lift, or get off one stop earlier when you use public transport, and don't forget to get up and walk around several times a day.
  • At work, use a footrest to keep your legs raised. If that doesn't work, put some damp cloth on your legs.
  • Eat healthily! The veins need specific nutrients to keep them in shape, particularly antioxidants. Eat plenty of fruit such as apples, blueberries, citrus fruits, grapes, peaches, pears, raspberries etc. As far as vegetables are concerned, eat celery, tomatoes, broccoli, parsley etc. What's more, the fibres in these fruits and vegetables are excellent for improving digestion.
  • Drink red-vine based herbal teas, which are known for improving blood circulation.
  • Although intended for reducing cellulite, the Stop Cell is also recommended for the treatment of heavy legs. This is because the movement produced by the device stimulates blood circulation.

Relieving heavy legs...

Still got that heavy legs feeling despite this? Here's how to relieve it!

  • Have a shower rather than a bath. At the end, spray cold water from your calves to the tops of your thighs.
  • Raise your feet during the night to boost your circulation.
  • Balneotherapy is also recommended. In addition to relieving tension, the jets of water also act on the pain. Did you know you can use balneotherapy equipment at home? Lanaform offers a wide choice of balneotherapy equipment, for every budget. For a relaxing foot massage, go for the Bubble Footcare; or, for the ultimate in relaxation, go for the Aqua Pleasure instead.
  • Essential oils massage - an inexpensive yet highly effective home recipe. Simply fill a container with 20% Real Lavender Oil and 80% vegetable oil (or sweet almond oil); apply the mixture by massaging from the ankles to the knees.
  • Finally, a newer technique - pressotherapy. Already in use by athletes, this technique consists of stimulating blood exchange and lymphatic reflux. How? You place your legs in a pair of pneumatic "trousers" consisting of multiple compartments. Once you are in them, a compressor fills the various compartments with air, enabling the legs to be submitted to a specific pressure. And all quite painlessly!

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Have you got your own tips? Why not share them with us?