Shiatsu: the massage for physical and moral relief

Are digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches or back pain part of your daily life? Are you looking to release pressure, relax or relieve your stress levels? Either way, shiatsu massage is for you.

Regarded as a real therapeutic treatment, shiatsu massage is an easy way to relieve your pain while enjoying a wellness moment. Give it a try: well-being and vitality will be yours in a few sessions.

What is shiatsu massage?

This Japanese massage, part of the traditional oriental medicine is similar to acupuncture. Its core principle is part of its name. "Shi" means "fingers" and "atsu" means "pressure". Finger pressure of varying intensity and duration is applied by the practitioner on the body, acting on the reflex points of the body. Originating from a Japanese ancestral culture, shiatsu massage is officially recognized as a therapy in Japan. It has been established as a full-fledged medicine since 1954.

The benefits of Shiatsu massage

You must be wondering what the purpose of such a massage is... It is quite simple. It helps keeping you healthy by preserving and restoring the vital energy that drives you. It allows to relieve physical and psychological pains. I.e. it relieves stress, tensions, digestive disorders or muscle and joint pains. It also allows you to relax and will tone your body.

woman sitting on massage cushion

How is a Shiatsu massage?

Practitioners dispense this massage on a massage mat or on a massage chair. Shiatsu massage is administered through light clothing and without massaging oils.

Now most of us lead a hectic life and cannot find the time to get a regular massage. And don't get us started on the price... There is a solution however: massage cushions and portable devices. Whilst they will not replace the work of a professional, they will be a complementary solution. They also allow everyone to benefit from a well-being moment.