Light therapy to the rescue during the winter blues!

This is just the time of the year when you start to feel the enthusiasm for your New Year's resolutions ebbing. Your motivation is decreasing, you are less dynamic and your positive attitude is flagging. But keep going, and don't feel guilty about not feeling on top of the world.

This feeling is natural - and it can be solved with light therapy sessions!

Light therapy to relieve seasonal depression

Why do we feel more vulnerable in winter? Because light plays an important role in the regulation of our internal clock and thus affects our body, mood, intellectual performance and quality of sleep. Do you feel the energy flowing back in on a sunny day? It's only natural! On the other hand, the short and often dark days of winter can make you feel lethargic or even depressed.

For your information, you should know that the luminous intensity (LUX) goes from 100,000 lux in summer, on the sunniest days, to 500 lux in winter. However, our eyes need to have a level of brightness of at least 2,000 lux from the sun to maintain internal equilibrium. This difference in intensity needs to be compensated for. To help you meet those challenges - and carry on doing so throughout the year - light therapy provides you with the light dosage that your body needs.

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How to choose the right light therapy lamp 

There are numerous light therapy lamps on the market. They can be distinguished by the colour of the light they emit (white or blue), their size, the number of lux they emit and the option of choosing a specific period of use or a desired power level (or not). And because each person has their own pace of life, we offer two lamp models for different types of use.

> The "sedentary" light therapy lamp

This lamp is ideal for people who like to take time out for themselves. Placed on the corner of the table, it will give you the feeling of a warm light bath. With a large light surface and an intensity ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 lux, our lamps will allow you to go about your various activities (reading, cooking, etc.) without worrying about whether or not the light intensity is sufficient.

Recommended lamps: the Luminescence

> The compact light therapy lamp

Smaller (and therefore compact), this light therapy lamp is designed for those who are always on the move and need to take their light therapy lamp with them.

As the light surface is smaller, you can enjoy the benefits of the lamp on your own. This is an advantage if you want to have your light therapy session at the office, without disturbing your colleagues, on a business trip, or during your lunch break.

Recommended lamps: the Lumino LED

lumino led

Our advice for the perfect way to use your lamp

1. Before using your light therapy device, it is important to determine the ideal time for your sessions. Indeed, it is recommended that you plan them and follow a regular pattern, in order to best meet the needs of your body. Depending on your profile, one time of day will be more 'life-saving' than another.

In the morning: This time of day is ideal for insomniacs, who have difficulty enjoying a restful, deep sleep at night. After a few sessions, your sleep will be improved and you will feel the need to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

In the afternoon: On the other hand, if you suffer from a state of frequent drowsiness and coffee is no longer a decent ally to help you cope with your day, we recommend that you schedule your sessions in the afternoon. These will give you a real boost and relieve you of the urge to fall asleep - not great during the day!

2) We strongly advise you not to plan your sessions for just before bedtime! Doing so would confuse your metabolism, reducing the quality of your sleep. Sleeping well and making sure you get enough sleep is a constant requirement for good health.

3) Don't forget to read the operating instructions for your light therapy lamp in order to familiarise yourself with the distance and recommended exposure time, depending on the intensity.
Indeed, the distance and duration of exposure determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Hence we recommend having a 30 minute session at 10,000 lux or 1 hour at 5,000 lux.