How to prepare your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

A good night's sleep is one of the most effective remedies for many ailments. But sleeping well is not something you can improvise! If you’re a light sleeper and have difficulty falling asleep, it’s important to create small soothing rituals and make your room the perfect place for a peaceful night’s sleep. Here are some tips that will make a difference!

Regulate the temperature in your bedroom

It’s important to keep the ambient temperature of your room at about 18°C. Taking a hot bath or putting a heater on in the room before going to bed is not the best of ideas because our body temperature drops during sleep. It has a specific rhythm that causes it to fluctuate according to the time of day. It tells our body when it’s time to go to sleep. So, when our temperature drops, we will feel more tired and sleepy.

Sleeping in a cool, ventilated room is therefore good advice to take!

A ventilated room, even in winter?

Yes, the air quality in your room deserves attention - whatever the time of year. As we said in a previous article, dry air in winter can bring on feelings of dryness in your nose, eyes and even your skin. These are symptoms that are all the more unpleasant when they are brought on at night and disturb your sleep. To avoid this situation and create a healthy climate in your room, we advise you to use a humidifier. When installed in the bedroom, it will regulate the relative humidity level of the room so that it stays between 40 and 60%. With this humidity level, the ambient air feels pleasant and is beneficial to our health and well-being.

Tip: use a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity level - assuming, of course, that there isn’t one built into your humidifier. 


Purified air all year round - sleep like a log! 

Indeed, it’s not only in winter that our sleep can be disturbed by symptoms associated with air quality. When warmer weather returns, the risk of contracting allergies, for example, is higher. Having purified air in our room helps you get a restful night’s sleep. There are air purifiers for this, such as our Air Purifier, which removes up to 95% of the impurities found in the air in the form of gases and particles. Placed in your room, the air purifier will help you sleep without being disturbed by allergic reactions. It has a night mode, which purifies the air silently, and low-level lights so as not to disturb your sleep.

A “cocoon” room, ideal for rest

Transforming your room into a true haven of peace can help you to approach your bedtime more serenely. Sleep is not just a necessary part of your 24-hour life cycle. It’s a time to let go, to meditate, to be grateful. It’s important to take the necessary time to rest, as we have seen in our article: Sleep - a fundamental part of your wellness. For this reason, we encourage you to create a place of absolute comfort and well-being.

1)      Choose the right pillow: the choice of pillow is highly significant and depends on your preferred sleeping position.  As a general rule, your pillow should be able to follow your movements, which are relatively numerous while you sleep. The pillow must have a shape that follows the curve of the neck and be high enough to fill this empty space. It must also be firm enough to support the weight of the head, which is less well distributed than when stretched out. For these reasons, it is better to use memory foam pillows.

2)      Restrict noise in the bedroom. This should be kept to an absolute minimum, as it is a source of stress, prevents you from falling asleep and causes you to wake up during the night. A simple redesign of the room can solve any problems. It’s worth taking the time to look into.

3)      Better than the traditional hot water bottle to help us get to sleep are micro-fibre mattresses that warm up the bed before you slip into it. You will go to bed relaxed and ready to have a good night's sleep! 

4)      Finally, diffusing soothing organic essential oils in your room is an effective natural remedy to help you relax before the arrival of the sandman. Essential oil diffusers are perfect decorative designer elements nowadays and create a cosy, pleasant atmosphere! The ideal finishing touch for sweet dreams!