Keeping on track when the clocks go back

The clocks are going back, and that means winter time - it's dark when you get up and when you get home from work. It's a phenomenon that confuses your body and biological clock, and you feel it every year. As a result, you struggle to get up and/or have difficulty getting to sleep. So here is some advice to keep you on track.

The consequences of the clocks going back for our general health

One thing we miss badly in autumn and winter is light. Bit by bit, we quickly start to feel the negative effects of its absence.
This is because we have a biological clock that enables the various parts of our bodies to function simultaneously. The rhythm of this well-known clock is set by daylight. When the clocks go back in autumn, the days become shorter and our daily rhythm is turned upside down.

As a result: the body is weakened as its habits are upset. We become tired and feel the effects in the form of a noticeable short-term drop in form.

Is changing the hour a thing of the past?

It seems that the days of the clocks going back may be numbered. Soon it will be no more than a bad memory. Nevertheless, even if the clocks no longer go back, the seasons won't stop for anything. So you need a solution to combat fatigue when winter returns and you have difficulty waking up, and it's here, right now !

What about a sunrise simulator to avert the consequences of the clocks going back?

This technique consists of recreating the sunrise with a progressively brightening white light. As the light enters into contact with your pupils, your body prepares to wake up. Sunrise simulation has a positive effect on the energy hormone producer, the thyroid. It will make you feel like you are getting up with the sun and you will feel more alert.

wake up light

When the clocks go back, you are tired during the day and can't sleep at night!

On the other hand, the sunset simulation mode will help your body to gradually move towards a state of restorative sleep. The intensity of the light will progressively weaken until it finally goes out altogether.

Don't wait - try our sunrise and sunset simulator, the Wake-Up Light