Looking after our feet to cope with winter in comfort

Slowly, the cold settles down with its share of unpleasant effects, like dampness that inevitably leads to wet feet and frozen toes... Without ever really warming up, you are forced to wear thick socks in shoes that are too tight... In short, all the conditions you need to encourage the appearance of cracking and, even worse, calluses.

But don't worry - there are numerous ways to limit discomfort of the feet, and combat falling temperatures and chilblains:

Foot care #1: massage is good, using oils is better.

When you can no longer feel your extremities, you think of things to warm them up: burying your feet under a blanket, sticking them on your partner's warm back, spending hours lying in front of the wood stove... anything!

Here is a combination that might cheer you up -
a foot massage followed by an aromatic bath using essential lemon oil.

This is principally to get your blood circulation going again, which, having been slowed down by the cold, struggles to raise the temperature of your feet. To do this, massage and rub them vigorously and energetically, starting with your toes and finishing with the sole.

When you've finished massaging, head for the bathroom to enhance your foot care with a hint of lemon. The Bubble Footcare foot bath uses vibration and an acupressure massage to make sure your feet warm up and feel comfortable again.
A nice bonus is to add a few drops of Lemon Zest essential oil to your bath for positive, reinvigorating energy.

A moisturising routine for looking after your feet

Exfoliate, rub, moisturise...

If your feet are suffering from the cold and you notice hardening or cracks in your heels, it's high time to erase these small imperfections and put all the elasticity back into your feet.

Start by using an exfoliating soap to get rid of the dead skin and make your feet smooth again. Our Pedila pedicure device, specially equipped with an electric rasp and two rollers of different intensity, will also help you reduce rough skin and eliminate calluses on your soles.

Remember to dry your feet properly - between the toes, despite the ticklishness - because dampness is your enemy in this cold weather.
A moisturiser for dry feet is another welcome way to nourish your skin and enable your feet to get their suppleness back.

To finish your routine with a note of tenderness, slide your feet into soft cotton socks that you have put on the hot radiator beforehand...

Foot care can involve heat as well

Even under a blanket, you need to keep your socks on and frequently change position to keep your feet warm!

Our 2-in-1 Shiatsu Comfort puts an end to cold feet. This heating and massage pad has all that is needed to bring the comfort that feet need. First of all, it provides one of the most relaxing kneading massages that reactivates micro-circulation and thus heat input to the feet. What’s more, the massaging heads spread a gentle, cosy warmth that continues to deepen the warming feeling and relaxation. 

Now you're ready for warm winter evenings and never need to feel the cold on your feet again!