Tips from Céline Lakaie, nutrition expert at Lanaform, on how to indulge without the bulge over the holidays

Aaah, it’s upon us, the festive season with its non-stop feasting on decadent delicacies, each more tempting than the last. So tempting that moderation flies out of the window! But as you stagger from one laden holiday table and one stuffed turkey to the next, you quickly start feeling like a balloon – bloated and fit to burst - and even consider getting out your pregnancy trousers for teatime at your grandmother’s! But there are ways around the seasonal binge trap that leaves you worse for wear. Say NO to overindulgence! Follow the tips from our own Céline Lakaie so that “go on a diet” is not at the top of your list of resolutions for 2017 and to hit the ground running in the new year.


Here are some tips to avoid piling on the pounds over the holidays. Put together a menu that truly is a feast fit for a king:


A scrumptious soup, even with that extra treat (a swirl of cream or dash of oil), will fill you up without being laden down with calories.


- Give vegetables pride of place on your menu.
- Go easy on the fat in your preparations by adapting traditional recipes.
For example:
A healthy take on a fondue bourguignonne by replacing the oil with white wine.
Opt for poultry in the choice of meats or go for something completely different such as fish and seafood.
Make your sauces without roux and add low fat creams and instant cornflour.
Turkey stuffed with minced poultry, veal or sweet chestnuts, cooked without fat
and pricked regularly to let the excess fat run off, will still be a delicious meal lovingly made.


- Ideally go for cheese OR a dessert.
- Go for the fruity option, whether in the form of a sorbet, mousse, fruit salad, gratin, Bavarois or on a skewer.
- An ice cream log is preferable to the traditional log, but if you do give in to temptation, then swap the butter cream for a fresh cream version.


- As an aperitif, have a glass of sparkling wine, a spritzer, cider, wine or champagne rather than sugary aperitifs, dry spirits or liqueurs.
- Try vegetable or fruit juices and sugar-free drinks.
- To cut down on your wine consumption (1 glass is +/- 100 kcal), alternate with still, sparkling or sugar-free flavoured water and watch out for top ups.
- Avoid having a night-cap and have a nice coffee, a cup of herbal tea or flavoured tea instead.


Indulging in moderation is better than a totally uncontrolled binge, so whenever you can, take the healthy meal or snack option.
Don’t fast before a big meal in the hope of offsetting the excess. Space out your meals, eat regularly and choose the less calorific options at parties.
Remember to drink water: 1.5 litres of water a day nicely reduces the damage done.
Keep an eye on your weight and waistline between the 24th of December and the 3rd of January – so that you know when to tighten your belt when you’re “overdoing” it.
Carry on doing sport over the holidays.
And with these words of advice, we wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to welcoming you back next year to stock up on well-being and health products!