Comprehensive, natural face care that looks after your skin

Fed up of hearing that your favourite cosmetic products contain ingredients that are unwelcome and harmful to your skin? Not sure which beauty routine you need to follow to cleanse your face without being too aggressive? Do you want to do it properly, step by step? It may seem somewhat trivial, but it deserves some clarification.

Here's a quick, practical summary for comprehensive, natural face care

Cleansing the face is one of those things that we tend to prioritise. This is because we all like treating our skin to make it radiant. But are we doing it the right way?
First of all, it is important to cleanse the face both morning and night.

  • When you wake up, cleansing the skin helps get rid of sebum, sweat and dead cells that have built up in the skin during the night, before applying your day care.
  • Just before going to bed is the ideal time to relax, while you get rid of traces of make-up and the accumulation of pollutants and impurities in your skin - not to mention sebum.

These steps are sometimes missed out due to a lack of time or tiredness; nevertheless, they are essential for a radiant face and for your well-being! They are also moments that you can set aside to take a breath and take the time you need to feel relaxed and good about yourself.

What are the steps to good face care?

It is important to follow a comprehensive skin care routine, but it takes several steps to do so.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin - essential before applying any skin care

This step is critical for starting your face care properly and must be suited to your skin type so it is cleansed gently. To help you do this, we advise you to use soap/organic lotion and to massage your face with a cleansing brush suitable for oily, dry and combination skin.

Step 2: Carry out a gentle, effective peel

Try microdermabrasion to remove all dead skin from your face and exfoliate it. Gentler than a peel, this technique enables all the dead skin cells to be removed to restore its glow and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

Stage 3. Use hot steam to decongest your skin pores

Take a hot steam bath (which will free your skin pores of impurities and prepare it for additional complementary care. Your skin will be naturally hydrated after your session.

Stage 4. Apply a patch to remove imperfections such as blackheads

Once your pores are open, it's the right time to apply your moisturiser or an anti-blackhead patch for deep removal of blackheads and to then close up the pores so impurities from the nose cannot penetrate them again.

You don't have to follow the comprehensive face care routine every day!

For glowing skin that radiates health, it is important not to practise this too often. For this reason, check carefully what skin type you have as, for example, oily skin can also be sensitive.

Timing  :

  • Once a week for oily skin
  • Once every two weeks for normal/combination skin
  • Once a month maximum for dry/sensitive skin