The beauty essentials not to leave behind when you go on holiday

It's almost time for the holidays, and you are already looking forward to getting away. You can see yourself going off on an adventure, your feet in the water, enjoying the sun and a well-deserved break, a cocktail in your hand, sunglasses on. Your suitcase is sitting in the corner of the bedroom, almost ready, just waiting for you. But wait! Are you sure you haven't forgotten something? Have a look through our checklist to make sure you've thought of everything.

Beauty essentials for my face care: check! !


Ready for some good weather, stretched out on the sand with your feet in the water? How relaxing! But not for your skin. With the salty seawater, the chlorine in the swimming pool and the sand, it will have to deal with all sorts of abuse during your holiday. So it needs to be pampered, that is, gently cleansed. Don't forget to slip your Lucea cleansing brush into your bag for this - it will be perfect for the job. Its really soft silicon micro-beads will delicately cleanse the pores of your skin. The Lucea also gently exfoliates the skin on your face. This will help you get rid of the dead skin so your gorgeous tan will last longer. And that's what you want!


Face Strip

Heat encourages the production of sebum. Thanks to Face Strip, you can very easily get rid of all the blackheads and imperfections that have appeared on your nose. You will find your skin is smooth and clean again! Ideal for untouched-up holiday photos!

Self Tanning beauty essentials, for a tanned complexion as soon as you hit the beach: check! 

Surely, short of setting up a UV lamp above your desk all year round (which we don't advise from a safety point of view), it is difficult not to hit the beach looking alabaster white. If you're not confident about your pale complexion, use one of our Self Tanning wipes. Slip one into your bag before you go for a natural tanned effect. It is very easy to apply and you will get a uniform effect, with no nasty orange streaks. You will then be able to show off your beautiful tanned legs on the beach with complete peace of mind!

Manicure/pedicure beauty essentials: check!

My Nails

In good weather, our hands and feet will obviously be exposed, as we like to show them off.
If that's the case, it's also useful to take your My Nails manicure/pedicure kit with you. Its small size makes it perfect for the holidays. What's more, it contains all the accessories you need for a perfect manicure/pedicure. Take advantage of it - the holidays are meant for taking care of yourself and doing things you enjoy.

my nails


The holidays are meant for relaxing, of course, but... At this time of the year, we like to expose our feet more and even walk in bare feet. The sun, water and sand will affect them and make them look drier and coarser. So it's the time to take care of them every day, so you don't damage them - keep your feet nice and soft with the Satin electric buffer. The good thing about it is that you can use it under water.

Hair beauty essentials for good hair even when you are far from home: check!

Silky Hair Brush

Our final recommendation is not to forget to slip your Silky Hair Brush into your beach bag. It will be really useful for disentangling your hair after a dip. Its ion diffuser will remove static electricity from your hair and make the hair fibres smoother, leaving your mermaid hair radiant even after a day on the beach!

Is there something on our checklist missing from your bag?
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