DIY skincare for mature skin

Pollution, harsh weather conditions and life’s ups-and-downs all play a role in facial skin ageing. Day after day, the stigmata of these external attacks mark the skin and, the more mature the skin the more visible the consequences. To help mature skin maintain all its protective properties, it needs to be cared for from the inside and out. And when it comes to your skin, you are what you eat. Let’s see how you can reap the benefits!

What is mature skin?

Skin that is often dry
Deeper wrinkles
More sensitive skin, more visible redness
A loss of firmness, the oval of the face tends to sag
A duller complexion and the appearance of pigment spots, etc.

How to ensure the best protection for mature skin

1) Vitamins and minerals can help us fight skin ageing. A healthy diet will avoid the need to take dietary supplements.

Tips for dehydrated mature skin:

  • Our skin mainly depends on our intake of vitamins A, C and E for nourishment, so make sure you get your share.
  • Salt should be outlawed from our diet because it dehydrates the skin, so keep this seasoning to a minimum.
  • Selenium, which is found in Brazil nuts and tuna, is a beauty elixir in its own right; just like vitamin B6, you can never get enough of them!
  • Zinc, found in oysters, the copper-gold-silver trace elements found in herbalist shops and the magnesium found in green vegetables and cereals also improve the condition of the skin.

We have already emphasised the importance of nourishing the skin from the inside, but it must also be protected from the outside using products that are as natural as possible.

Examples of products that help hydrate the skin:

  • Consume vegetable oils (wheat germ, sesame, musk rose, argan) without fail at mealtimes!
  • Use creams without paraffin or other toxic products daily.
  • Get into a routine of splashing your skin with cold water to refresh it and improve blood circulation.

Homemade recipe: the natural face mask with avocado for mature skin: this facial works wonders on dry and damaged skin. it is quick and simple to whip up and, thanks to the oils contained in the avocado, the effects will be felt immediately!

This facial works wonders on dry and damaged skin. It is quick and simple to whip up and, thanks to the oils contained in the avocado, the effects will be felt immediately


  • ½ avocado
  • Olive oil


  1. Place the avocado flesh in a bowl and reduce it to a mush with a fork.
  2. Add a little olive oil and mix well until you obtain a smooth, creamy texture.
  3. Spread this cream on your face and massage gently. For maximum effect, leave the mask on your face and lie down for 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the cream with a little warm water.