I tested the new Lumino LED light therapy lamp

Last week, we told you about the essential role of light therapy in our health. It provides daily benefits for our mood, chronic fatigue, intellectual performance, not to mention the quality of our sleep. To prove it to you, we asked Ophélie, the influential mother of the blog My Little Bazaar, to test our new Lumino LED for 28 days. Here are the results of her test!

Ophélie, why did you try light therapy?

Since the arrival of the greyer days of winter, I felt less fit. I'm usually a real live wire in everyday life, but I hadn't felt that energy for a few weeks. The winter blues, self-doubt, no enthusiasm - so many symptoms that I went to talk to my doctor about it. The prescription? Light therapy sessions.

Lanaform reminder: As humans, we have a biological clock that enables the various parts of our bodies to function simultaneously. Thanks to the daylight that penetrates our eyes, our biological clock follows a regular rhythm. In winter, the lack of light disturbs this rhythm a little. Our metabolism is out of phase.

How did your sessions go?

Like a sports session, I welcomed my daily minutes of light therapy as time for me. It was a real moment of well-being and calm. So I opted for regular evening sessions. Even though using the Lumino LED light therapy lamp was not recommended at the time, I didn't experience any harmful effect on my sleep. On the contrary, I'm sleeping better and I feel calmer before going to bed.

Lanaform advice

Ideally, exposure to a source of light should be carried out in the morning, for at least 30 minutes, using a lamp of 10,000 lux placed 30 centimetres from your face. This treatment is effective in more than 75% of cases and an improvement is often observed from the first week of treatment.

I carried out 30-minute sessions at maximum intensity, which was entirely compatible with my evening activities - while reading, cooking or watching a good film.

The Lumino LED is very easy to use and blends perfectly into the decor, creating a cocoon and a comfortable atmosphere. The lamp is now an integral part of the furniture in my living room. I think it's very pretty.

Lanaform advice: The Lumino LED has been designed to be more than just a light therapy lamp. It can also be used as ambient lighting (red, yellow, green, blue) and a reading light.

What's the verdict at the end of these 28 days of light therapy?

I noticed a very positive change in my mood and especially in the quality of my sleep! The sessions helped me to refocus on myself and set aside a moment of light therapy well-being, which allowed me to regain my energy! It is a routine within everyone's reach, very simple and with considerable benefits. It's a must for countering the winter blues! Of course, I'll be continuing my sessions diligently and I strongly recommend the use of light therapy.

Lanaform advice:

In addition to your light therapy sessions, it's important to adopt good habits, like Ophélie!

  • Go to bed at regular times
  • Move around during the day
  • Make the most of natural light

So, will you be adding light therapy to your daily routine too?