Exercising with your child - motivation and bonding guaranteed

Dedicating some time to the occasional workout session sometimes relieves life’s stresses. Our everyday lives are busy, especially since returning to the post-holiday routine. Nevertheless, it is essential to make time for a few workout sessions during the week to get rid of that everyday tension. And your children need to let off steam as well! So why not take advantage of the moment together?


Getting back into exercise is never straightforward. Finding the motivation sometimes proves to be complicated. It’s easy to make excuses like “I don’t have time”, “I have work to do,” “I have to look after the children”, “I’ll go tomorrow...”.
However, when you do have time to spend enjoying some exercise, don’t use the presence of your child as an excuse. Quite the opposite, their presence is more of a driver than a brake. The activity will be an opportunity to share a moment of well-being and relaxation together. What’s more, you will feel motivated and proud as a result.


Whatever age your child is, you can do physical activity with them.
From infant to teenager, there is a host of suitable activities out there that will allow you to stay fit and healthy together.


If your child is still just a baby, it is difficult to make time to breathe and do some exercise. Nevertheless, you can take your baby with you on a walk in the park or a trip to the swimming pool, for example.
- A “stroller gym” is a good example for young mums. Go for a walk with your child while working out. Speed walking or running is entirely feasible in this case.
- Another exercise idea is swimming. Take your baby for his or her first swimming lessons and introduce them to the joys of the water. It’s a lovely moment to share together while doing exercise.


Of course, you need to avoid turning this time for well-being into a chore. If you want to exercise with your children, it is important to choose an activity that everyone will enjoy and be motivated by.

  • Are you looking to unwind while having fun? Try zumba with your child. In this stimulating exercise session, you dance to the fast-paced rhythm of reggaeton music. It allows you to let go, while being aware of your body.
  • Yoga is another excellent option. A fun parent-child introductory version of this practice is available. The exercise will enhance mental relaxation and channel your child’s energy, enabling them to develop their creativity and self-confidence in these sessions.

As you can see, there is a vast range of exercise activities that you can share with your child. Everyone has their own preferences. Choose something that best suits you both, turning this session into an appointment with well-being.

Ultimately, sharing this moment of relaxation with your child will instil a healthy lifestyle in them. They will get a taste for physical effort and you will benefit from real moments of bonding.
So there you are - what exercise are you going to do with your child?