Foot care for every type of holiday - follow our guide!

Well, the summer has finally poked its nose out, and the sweet smell of the holidays is in the air. And every type of holiday has a corresponding type of foot care. In our previous article we already touched on the beauty essentials to pack in your suitcase. Today, we suggest a practical guide on how to take care of your feet on holiday. After all, they will be the ones carrying you to all your adventures, so they deserve to be pampered!

What foot care do you need for a beach holiday ?

Is your thing lying on the beach, feet in the water, with a cocktail in your hand? Then did you know that, while salt can protect your feet from mycosis, it can also dry them out?

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Here are our tips for avoiding rough feet 

Use a moisturising cream, or oil, as you mustn't forget that beautiful skin requires good hydration, but a good cream is not always enough...

In addition, the Satin prepares your feet for absorbing the cream, for optimum hydration! And it couldn't be easier to do:

  • run the Satin over the relevant area
  • then apply a very rich cream (shea butter for example)
  • put on a cotton sock so the product penetrates properly.

Professional advice: if you are having difficulties getting rid of calluses, first immerse the area in water to soften the skin. Be sure never to work on the affected area for more than 20 seconds.

What foot care do you need for an active holiday?

Are you restless and prefer sport to relaxation? Do you get a feeling of satisfaction when you take off your trainers after a day of strolling in the sun?

Did you know that trainers are incubators for mycoses? Well don't panic! Here is some simple advice to prevent this:

  • wear cotton sports socks
  • don't forget to spend a minute drying your feet after showering
  • when your day is over, let your feet breathe! Take your shoes and socks off.

Still got athlete's foot despite the good advice? Here are three of grandma's remedies:

  • Bicarbonate of soda - your ally for every eventuality. Add 4 dessert spoonfuls to a litre of lukewarm water and let your feet soak in the mixture for around 15 minutes. Then dry your skin and sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto the affected area. Then put your sock back on.
  • Sea salt, not just for the kitchen... Add a dessert spoon of sea salt to a litre of water. Immerse your feet in this once a day and say goodbye to your mycosis.
  • No time for a soak? Essential oils are a natural remedy. 25 drops of lavender essential oil mixed with 4 ml of sweet almond or grape seed oil are sufficient for getting to grips with mycoses. Apply a few drops of the mixture to the infected area three times a day.

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What foot care do you need for a road trip?

Do you like jumping in the car, driving for miles and stopping when you come across somewhere that looks interesting?

If so, you are probably familiar with the following two scourges - swollen feet, the consequence of sitting for long periods, and blisters, the consequence of repeated rubbing of your shoes on your skin and of hard walking.

Here are our tips for avoiding swollen feet:

  • Moisturise your feet - this will restrict the swelling, especially in summer.
  • Use a cold spray under the shower.
  • At the end of the day - rest your feet! Take off your shoes and socks and gently elevate your legs to improve circulation.
  • Regularly bathe your feet.
  • And finally, there's nothing like a good massage to re-energise the circulation!

Our tips for preventing blisters

It is essential to choose quality material when you are getting ready for a walk. Take breaks during the day to air your feet.

Professional advice: Put some talc on your feet before putting your shoes on, it will absorb some of the humidity. Add to this some antifriction cream and you're all set!

Suffering from blisters anyway?

  • It’s no use bursting them if they are not painful. Simply cover them with a plaster to prevent rubbing.
  • However, if the blisters are painful: pierce them with a sterilised needle and then disinfect them properly. During the day, cover with a plaster, but don’t forget to take this off at night to let the blister dry out.

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What foot care do you need for a shopping holiday?

It's a big dilemma: you want to look your best, so you avoid walking shoes, but you know you will be browsing along miles of shelves...

We have already given some tips on preparing yourself in our article “How to take care of your feet at home

But since we want to pamper you, here are a few more:
The big risk as we run from one shop to another with inappropriate shoes is calluses on the feet!

Use our Dolce to prevent them - this electric buffer will make your feet soft again. It delicately removes calluses and rejuvenates the skin. As always with this type of care, the keyword is moisturisation.

If you have sore feet at the end of your day of shopping, there is another very simple solution - a mixture of 10% peppermint essential oil and 90% vegetable oil. How to apply? Just ask a friend for a little massage!

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How do you take care of your feet on holiday?