How to get motivated to exercise?

How do you get motivated to exercise when the cold and fatigue leave you glued to the sofa? Here are some simple, effective tricks to help you find the motivation and turn exercise from a “chore” into a real treat for your body that you can no longer do without.

1. Leave your complexes in the locker room
"This girl can" is a video that is making a buzz on the internet. The girl in question has a real knack for motivation and makes you realise that exercise isn’t just for bimbos who want to show off their perfect abs and pert bum. So watch her, forget what other people think and just go for it!

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself
As with any new challenge, you will feel the enthusiasm of the honeymoon period. Then comes the disillusionment phase. Lassitude and fatigue sometimes make us lose sight of our goal! Take the time to get your motivation back on track and plan your sessions into 3 weeks of hard work followed by a lighter week. You sometimes need to cut down on your training to give your body and mind time to recoup and get back the initial motivation.

3. Set yourself intermediate goals
Tempted by a half-marathon? Excellent! But train and set realistic goals that will give you a short term view and allow you to achieve results on a more regular basis. This will keep your motivation from flagging.

4. Focus on the result
Program your mind to get what you want and identify what will spur you into action! For example, put up a photo of the body you aspire to in your bathroom as a wake-up call. Each time you see it, your brain will be prodded into action and make choices that will help you achieve that goal. Apps have also come up with an answer to the question of how to get motivated to exercise. "Charity miles", for example, (app available as an Android or iPhone version) allows us to raise money for a good cause while also raising our own fitness levels! All you have to do is donate your sweat by walking, running or cycling, it’s as simple as that!

5. Keep track of your progress
Define an indicator that represents your progress (weight, running time etc.) and draw a graph to better reflect your development. Focusing on your own results works wonders on your motivation!

6. Establish what drives you
Write and re-read regularly the reasons that motivate you to take action, to succeed. For example: "I want to be able to run 10 km to show my children that nothing is impossible." Also make a note of the things you no longer want. "I want to get rid of the back pain that made me suffer so much when I was too sedentary.”

7. Trust in yourself and build on your strengths
Do not dwell on wanting to improve on your weaknesses, it will only end in disappointment. What you really need to do is spend 80% of your time building on your strengths! This is what will make a difference and make you proud of what you are able to accomplish.

8. How to get motivated to exercise using external stimuli

  • Exercise with friends to motivate each other.
  • Invest a bit of money to kick start your motivation and get some smart sportswear to boost your confidence.
  • Publish images of your progress on Instagram, enjoy reading the compliments and keep track of how far you’ve come.
  • Share your training sessions on social networks - your friends and fans are your most motivating cheerleaders. Nike has developed Nike+ Run, which allows you to log your run and share it on social networks.
  • Each time you hit a target, reward yourself. Whether it’s a gift or a massage, there’s no shortage of ways to pamper yourself.