The detox diet: what are the benefits?

Cleansing and detox diets are right on trend. Often recommended twice a year, especially at the turn of the season (spring and autumn, for example), the detox diet can be a great way to reboot your body and supercharge your skin by eliminating the toxins accumulated during the year.

What is a detox diet and what are its benefits?

What is a detox diet?

The detox diet is a means of ridding the body of the toxins that have accumulated as a result of overeating, alcohol, tobacco or pesticides. These “wastes” that build up in our body can be the cause of allergies, a dull complexion, digestive problems, immune problems or even depression.

The detox diet is a great way of eliminating them. Cleansing and detox come in different shapes and forms and can be followed over different durations (from one day to one month as an absolute max). The main objective remains the same: to cleanse your body by nourishing it with natural foods such as vegetables and/or fruit. The whole point is to remove sugars, saturated fats, animal products or processed products from your diet. It also means giving up coffee, tobacco and alcohol during the detox diet.

What are the benefits and advantages of a detox diet?

In addition to eliminating the toxins present in our body, the detox diet brings about a clear improvement in skin tone, immunity and sleep quality. Detoxifying your body also gives you an energy boost and significantly reduces cravings. Not only does a detox cleanse your body from the inside, it also aids weight loss.

What effects does a detox diet have on the body?

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, a detox makes it possible to fight effectively against cellulite, as detoxing the body aims to reduce the bad fats present in our diet. It is also advisable to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day as well as green tea (insert or broth during your detox diet, to fight against cellulite and water retention.

How does a detox prepare for a traditional diet? 

A detox is often a brief, short-term diet. It should ideally be used as a springboard before starting a traditional diet (or rebalancing your diet) in the long term. The advantage of a detox is that you get off to a healthier start by putting the focus on fruit and vegetables as well as natural and organic products. The best approach is to gradually reintegrate proteins, such as fish and white meat, carbs and pulses. Combine this with regular physical activity (insert and your body will love you for it.