Why family yoga is a great idea!

Summer is already well under way, but there are still a few weeks left before the end of the holidays. You're done with visiting zoos and amusement parks, and now you're looking for something original and healthy to do to make the most of your time together as a family... Thought about yoga?

Family yoga to create a complicity

Yoga provides an opportunity for strengthening the bonds within a family. The poses and weird exercises will make you laugh, of course, and exercises can be carried out in pairs with your child or partner.

One fun example is the little monkey warm-up. All you do is go to your mat and do whatever you want - jump, make some noise, wave your arms...!

For a full class with simple, fun exercises, follow the advice of yoga professional Lise Billen. The class is called - it's a great taster!

Family yoga for bonding

Laughter is an important factor for a good family environment. Laughter also has therapeutic benefits. When you laugh, you produce endorphins - the "happiness" hormone that helps you combat stress. It also oxygenates you, and that reduces blood pressure. So why not try the "fun yoga" class.

Family yoga for a calming effect

Every mother knows how hard it can be to calm down excited children. Yoga can be the perfect alternative for channelling the energy pouring out of our little ones! The benefit is double, because to calm down your child, you need to be calm yourself first. Let's not forget that children tend to reproduce the behaviour they see in their parents.

Looking for a few exercises to calm your children down before they go to bed? You can find them here !

The benefits of family yoga for your child

As you can see, yoga has all sorts of benefits and can be done in a fun way with your children. There are classes designed for children of three and above. Parents generally say that their little ones can concentrate better, calm down more easily when they are angry and go to sleep more quickly. What's more, the poses used can help prevent back problems in your child.

Try out family yoga at a festival!

On the weekend of August 17th to 19th, the town of Torhout is holding the "Yogaland" festival. It's the perfect opportunity to discover different sorts of yoga in the company of professionals who will be able to give you good advice. Children aren't left out, as part of the festival is dedicated to them. More information on trying out family yoga. No more excuses - get started!