Introducing the Tone & Shape Kit

We are very proud to introduce you to two kits that we have designed and developed for your well-being and fitness. You want to look after yourself and live healthily, but the hectic pace of your everyday life leaves you almost no time to go to the gym... So what if the fitness programme came to you? You want to set yourself some new challenges now the holidays are over, so how about having a go at ours?

The Tone & Shape Kit will give you the opportunity to get into exercising at home and with no pressure. This isn't just a selection of accessories. It's a full training programme with a video - flexible, incremental and with the guidance of a professional coach.

Let's take a look together at what it involves, what types of exercise it suggests, using which accessories and how the sessions work. Something tells us you will accept the challenge...

Who is the Tone & Shape fitness kit aimed at?

The Tone & Shape Kit is the perfect solution for you if you want to tone up and strengthen your whole body, with the aim of firming up your figure and having a more toned body. Alternating between cardio and muscle exercise sessions will boost your metabolism.

What does the Tone & Shape Kit consist of?

You get three accessories that will set the tone for your training sessions.

- The donut: this is a ball in the shape of a doughnut that enables you to perform various muscle-building and loosening exercises.

- The pilates ring: held between the hands, legs or ankles, it engages various muscle groups and adds resistance.

- Skipping rope: enables serious calorie burning and effective cardio work.

You will also have access to a training programme consisting of 12 sessions of 20 minutes. Each of your sessions offers two levels of difficulty. In total, you have the chance to do 24 sessions, or 480 minutes of exercise!

Finally we share with you a 90-page well-being guide, all our best daily tips, well-being advice, recipes and lots of other things!

Professional guidance with the Tone & Shape Kit

The fitness programme was developed by professional coach Séverine Jacinto. The aim of the guidance is to provide you with a series of exercises adapted to your physical condition, while being aware of the realities of getting back into shape.

You will be advised throughout the programme and will receive relevant advice on the positions and postures to adopt to prevent injuries, etc.

Some advice on effective, careful use of the Tone & Shape Kit

It is important never to forget to warm up or stretch.

Make sure you never forget to warm up or stretch.

A good warm-up involves raising the overall temperature of your body and using the major muscle groups and joints, as well as the muscles and tendons that will be used during the session. Start gently and gradually increase the intensity of your exertions.

The stretching phase after the training session is used to relax the areas that have been worked. It will help your muscles recover more easily. For an ideal result, only stretch when you are breathing out, and take your time to release while breathing in. Gradually increase the range of your stretches and release gently if you get a feeling of pain.

Now you know all about the kit we are offering, are you ready to try it out?