2 Fitness Kits, 1 Well-Being Guide. The importance of well-being routines for a balanced everyday life

Getting back into shape and promoting personal well-being is a pursuit that we, as women, strive to carry out every day. Each day belongs to us, but also unites us in our search for a good life balance.
This quest for everyday well-being is our banner call at Lanaform.

These days it is inconceivable for us to offer a new way of getting back into shape without giving you some well-being advice to help you in your new course in life.

A Well-Being Guide for a balanced, stimulating everyday life

Optimizing our well-being in everyday life is an undertaking that our busy, hectic way of life forces upon us as we try to keep up. Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle that improves well-being, but there is a multitude of ways and complementary habits that can be integrated into everyday life to :

1) relax
2) make time for yourself
3) feel good in your body
4) feel good in your mind
5) quite simply, make the most of life.

These well-being routines are practised throughout the day, from waking up to going to bed.

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What is a well-being routine?

These are everyday habits that are dedicated to you. They will enable you to take some time out for yourself. They are opportunities that you create to take stock and focus on your emotions and personal needs.

Why is establishing regular habits beneficial?

If we regularly practise well-being routines, they will become automatic reflexes in our everyday lives that will have a profound impact on our well-being, such as getting back into regular physical exercise.

How do you establish these routines?

If you read our guide, you will notice that there is a multitude of good habits to adopt from the moment you wake up. Nevertheless, to successfully make these small beneficial changes

1) Work on one resolution at a time.
2) Set targets to achieve.
3) Work out what is the best time of day. Adapt your lifestyle by, for example, adopting the “Miracle Morning” technique, which consists of getting up earlier to make the most of the early hours of the day in peace and quiet, to do some exercise, read, write or relax.

But note: getting up earlier also means going to bed earlier to maintain your sleep cycle.


Examples of routines you will find in the Well-Being Guide

Subjects range from aromatherapy to body care , along with comfort at home and at work, or indeed the importance of light.

Aromatherapy :

If you feel stressed when you go to bed, diffuse some relaxing essential oils such as real lavender, known for its calming, de-stressing properties.

Cocooning :
Set aside a moment in a cosy, warm, safe environment. This will inspire a positive state of mind in you. Set up a nice little corner where you will go and sit to read, talk or think.


Light therapy :
To counteract the lack of light, we recommend stocking up on as much light as possible, be it natural or artificial - thanks to light therapy. Ideally, exposure to a source of light should be carried out for at least 30 minutes using a lamp of 10,000 lux placed 30 centimetres from your face.

Massage :
Self-massaging, while adhering to a few principles, is a marvellous tool for relieving small aches, pains and everyday stress.

Example : head massage.

  • Rub your head using vigorous rotating movements, as if you were lathering up shampoo, while trying to loosen your scalp. Tension will dissipate and gradually be replaced with relaxation.
  • Then use your finger tips to massage the forehead, the edges of the eyebrows and the temples

Want to find out about all our routines? Our guide, which comes with your Fitness Kit is packed with them - 89 pages full of advice on various subjects to optimize your everyday well-being.