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Fitness Kit
  • Pilates accessories kit
  • Accompanying video by a professional coach
  • 2 months' training and wellness guide

Do a full training course at home inspired by Pilates in 12 20-minute sessions, with this customised accessories kit and coaching videos.

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Your time is precious, but you want to include a regular sports activity in your daily life. Train at home at any time with this customised accessories kit (1 large gym ball, 1 small gym ball, 1 resistance band, 2 yoga bricks).

You can carry out a full 20-minute, 12-session video training course via a personal web space, accompanied by a professional coach. With two levels of difficulty, you'll have 480 minutes in all of detailed and progressive exercises.
An on-line wellness guide is also provided with the kit.

Inspired by gentle methods such as Pilates, the kit Balance & Pilates' exercises specifically target the deep muscles of the abdominal zone. Being solid, they ensure good posture and improved comfort for the back. This type of training is suitable for gently resuming sporting activities and maintaining your shape while safeguarding your body.

And welcome fitness classes into your home...

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  • Customised fitness accessories kit
  • Accompanying video by a professional coach (available in FR, EN, NL)
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • 2 months' training
  • 480 minutes of detailed exercises
  • Flexible training: 3 20-minute sessions a week
  • Personal web space (available in FR, EN, NL)
  • Wellness guide for downloading (available in FR, EN, NL)
  • Yoga bricks
    Size: 3 x 6 x 9 cm
    Weight: 140 g
    Material: EVA foam
  • Fitness balls
    Large ball size: up to 65cm in diameter
    Small ball size: up to 17cm in diameter
    Large ball weight: approximately 1200g
    Small ball weight: approximately 100g
    Material: Non-bursting PVC
  • Resistance band
    Size: 0.6 x 0.9 x 120cm
    Material: (TPR) rubber - fabric and PP straps with a foam cover
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