Exercising all year round - a worthwhile endeavour for your general health that thwarts the autumn lethargy

For a long time now you've been determined to put aside some time for yourself and devote a bit of time to exercise every week. The thermometer is set to nosedive, the days are getting shorter and your spirits are lowering - as is your motivation. But did you know that the arrival of colder, gloomier weather is the perfect time to continue with your efforts - or just get started? The cocooning season is almost upon us, and you will enjoy it even more if you have been exercising.

1. Exercising to set new well-being targets

Getting started is a difficult process, requiring conviction and motivation. Nevertheless, if we want to make the most of our efforts, we need to exercise regularly and rigorously. The key is to progress at your own pace by setting achievable and effective long-term objectives. To create sustainable momentum, we advise you to set aside slots in your week that you will be able to keep to and that will enable you to work hard.

Remember: 3 sessions of 20 minutes per week is enough to start an effective fitness programme, even if you are overstretched !

No time to go to the gym? The ideal thing for you would be to do exercise at home while benefiting from professional coaching. And that's no longer a pipe dream!

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2. Exercising to overcome the seasonal blues

The winter period is often accompanied by a period of slight or mild depression. We stay indoors, restrict our movements and consequently unwind less. So burning off energy by doing exercise will release endorphins - the pleasure hormone - in us.

In short, regular exercise will release the tension that builds up during the day. This means, for example, that it's the perfect transition between your day at work and going back home. You will then feel the benefit of a relaxed and fulfilled end to the day, because you have practised a beneficial activity that you enjoy.

Are you also feeling a bit down because of the lack of daylight? Another of our solutions is light therapy


3. Exercising to strengthen the heart and give your body a boost

Exercise enables you to strengthen the cardiovascular system. This means you will be able to tolerate sustained effort better every day throughout the year. Furthermore, it has been proven that exercising when it's cold tones the body and makes it less vulnerable to certain viruses, such as flu. Indeed, it has been shown that the severity of this virus is reduced by 31% in people who do more exercise!

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4. Exercising regularly to stay active all year round

You risk losing the endurance you have built up by putting your training on hold during the colder seasons. If you have been putting in the effort this summer, make sure you keep up the momentum - winter is no reason to stop doing what's good for you. Take up an activity that you enjoy, that will help you keep up the effort and counter the culinary indulgences of winter.

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