How to relieve the muscular tension associated with everyday life

Once you have come to the end of your challenges for the day, something tells us you need a cosy, comfortable evening... You feel the need to relax, breathe out and get rid of the painful muscular tension your body has built up!
All too often, our response is to take medication to get rid of the pain, but there are effective natural solutions.

Self-massage for relieving muscular tension

Giving yourself a massage will help you work on the sensitive, stiff areas of muscular fibre that are the cause of these unpleasant, painful sensations. They are called trigger points, and they are the cause of numerous problems involving pain, such as back and neck pain. However, in the majority of cases, you can treat them yourself.

Working on these areas of muscular tension will help

  • Relax and strengthen your muscles
  • Relax your mind thanks to an increase in the level of endorphins, which our body produces to feel good
  • Improve your body's blood and lymphatic circulation (which has a slimming effect)
  • Improve the quality of your sleep.

Try a tapping massage

A tapping massage is effective for dealing with stiffness and muscular fatigue.
This technique requires repeated rhythmic vertical percussion on the skin with both hands. This is a very relaxing massage, and you will have an intense feeling of well-being after your session.

The best way to carry out this massage technique is to use a professional massage device, which will enable you to enjoy this moment of relaxation in peace and comfort at home.

Gentle heat for relieving muscular tension

We touched on the subject of heat and its many benefits for our body and skin in a previous article.

Of course, when it is colder and the unpleasantness of the low season makes itself known, we tend to prefer daily moments of cocooning (for cocooning, read comforting warmth). And it's not by chance!

Indeed, you need to remember that heat is an excellent muscle relaxant that improves tissue elasticity. Blood circulation is improved thanks to vasodilation. Muscular tension and aches are effectively relieved.

So settle down in front of a good film or pick up an absorbing book and let the power of gentle heat do its work.

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What do you think about a little exercise to relieve muscular tension?

Staying seated for most of the day creates areas of tension. This is why it's essential to take advantage of every spare moment to move about and exercise. Regular physical activity enables your body to keep the muscles relaxed.

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