I’m going to adopt new wellness habits and stick to them!

You have just closed the chapter on 2018 in your life history, and you now find yourself looking at a blank page. It’s an exciting time of the year, because this is exactly when we like to launch our new challenges for a better New Year, with a yearning to feel better in ourselves and in our bodies. How will you maintain your new wellness habits this year?

Tip 1: Choose an area of activity for the year.

To achieve your objectives and keep up the effort, it is important not to focus all your attention on one specific element, because failure to achieve it could cause you to abandon your good intentions. It would be more appropriate to think of a subject that you would be happy to work on throughout the year. For example, set aside a few minutes each day just for yourself. Your overall goal will therefore be to take care of yourself. Such personal wellness can be reflected in a multitude of different activities such as short exercise sessions, beauty routines or relaxation sessions involving a nice massage and the diffusion of relaxing  essential oils.

A few minutes that are repeated every day and that all add up will help you maintain a lasting feeling of general wellness.

Tip 2: I will change my bad habits.

To see real changes in your daily life, you need to identify the bad habits that you want to transform into better habits. This approach will be more effective than simply trying to add a new good habit.

To help you with this process, here is an example. In the evening after work, you like to sit in front of the television for a while to clear your head. However, you want to use these few minutes of your time differently. Instead of watching TV, distract yourself by moving your body for 15 - 20 minutes. This activity will be much more beneficial for your wellness and will help to improve it. In addition to changing your habits, you'll be proud of yourself!


Tip 3: Do it at your own speed, step by step.

We all agree that this resolution needs to be kept up throughout the year. So don't be in too much of a hurry to achieve your goal, or you may get discouraged. It’s better to split your efforts into a number of stages. So, if you have decided to get back into exercise this year in order to improve your physical condition and, with it, your well-being, don’t start doing sessions that are too long and that you might quickly give up. Instead, try a gentle, regular return to exercise. 3 x 20-minute exercise sessions per week that reflect how your level is changing would be ideal. With this in mind, we have devised a solution to help you: two fitness kits to improve your fitness at home.

Find your new exercise programme now!

Tip 4: Try to establish rituals that will help you with your efforts.

To do so:

1) Reward yourself after the effort: Keeping resolutions all year round is not easy. There will be some barren spells along the way. Nevertheless, you will be able to remain motivated, because at the end of each of your exertions, you will feel a certain well-being and real satisfaction. This is because you will very quickly feel an energy boost after your 20-minute exercise session. You will feel proud to have pushed yourself - by increasing your skipping rope time, for example, with the Fitness Tone & Shape kit. Or you will feel relaxed after your series of hypopressive abs exercises, thanks to the Balance & Pilates Kit.

2) Help yourself by creating an environment that is conducive to sticking to your resolutions. Where fitness is concerned, keep your accessories close at hand and jump at each opportunity to do a few exercises. You can even take some accessories with you when you travel, such as the skipping rope from the Tone & Shape kit or the resistance elastic from the Balance & Pilates kit.

3) Don't be too hard on yourself, and celebrate your progress. Be proud of yourself for keeping up the effort all year round. There will be days when you don’t. Take advantage of such days to attack your good resolutions from another angle. Take advantage of this time to relax in a different way. As mentioned above, massages, beauty rituals and the diffusion of essential oils can all promote your well-being on a daily basis and help you celebrate your efforts.