Electrostimulation for intense relaxation

Backache? Neck pain? Sore shoulders? Do these symptoms sound familiar? In a previous article, we looked at the benefits of electrostimulation in the cosmetic and sports sectors and saw how it's possible to improve sports performance by using electrostimulation. But did you know that it's also a useful way of relaxing after strenuous exercise or getting rid of tension after a busy day?

What does an electrostimulator do?

Electrostimulators are the perfect companions to physical activity and general well-being. These discreet, easy-to-use devices will act on your ability to relax, tone your muscles and relieve aches and painful joint symptoms. Electrostimulators have either one of these 3 functions, or several of them for a more overall effect.

Stay in shape and stay relaxed, with your electrostimulator!

The principle of this device is to let it do its work while you give yourself a moment of complete relaxation. Make yourself comfortable while it does so and keeps you in shape and relaxed! The beneficial effects will be felt from the moment you start using it because, thanks to agitation of nerve or muscle fibres caused by electrical stimulation, natural painkilling substances will be produced within your body.

Which electrostimulator should you choose ?

It's all about choosing the electrostimulation device best suited to your needs and desires.

Stim mass :

The Stim Mass is the electrical stimulator for you if you are looking for an effective way of relaxing and improving your general well-being. Its 4 adhesive electrodes, which are split into 2 channels, enable two different body areas to be stimulated at the same time. Your muscles are revitalised and relaxed.

Take a look at the programmes available in the Stim Mass - and relax!

stim mass

Medi Stim :

The Medi Stim (https://lanaform.com/medi-stim.html) is a very complete yet easy-to-use electrostimulation device. Thanks to its TENS and EMS functions, which can be operated via 10 pre-set programmes, it's an ally of choice for improving your physical well-being. With its 2 independent stimulation channels and 4 electrodes, you are able to adjust the intensity according to the area of the body you want to treat.
The Medi Stim's TENS function stops the transmission of pain in the nerves and offers immediate, effective relief from symptoms of pain in the muscles and joints caused by tension and strain, especially around the back and the neck, which are among the commonest pains suffered. Hence, daily use of the Medi Stim offers relief from discomfort during everyday activities and sleep.

To remind you, the EMS function stimulates your muscles to enable your body to recover faster after exercise.

medi stim

What’s the best way to use our electrostimulation devices? 

To make the most of the benefits of our electrostimulators, we advise using them daily in a 20- to 30-minute session.