Improve your sports performance with electrostimulation

Have you heard of electrostimulation and the benefits that it can bring? If you haven't yet, you need to arrange a catch-up session... Muscular electrostimulation is a recognised technique in the fields of medicine and sports, combining improvement in everyday well-being with physical activity. So, seasoned and budding sports heroes, here are a few words that might just stimulate you.

What is electrostimulation ?  

Muscular electrostimulation is a harmless, painless technique that enables effective muscular work without causing cardiac fatigue. It prepares the muscles for exercise by toning them and preventing injuries.

After exercise, electrostimulation also plays a part in recovery and the reduction of signs of muscular fatigue. The beneficial effects of electrostimulation are felt immediately from first use


What does electrostimulation involve ?

Electrostimulation equipment such as the Medi Stim reproduces physical stimuli by encouraging the brain to send information to the nerve and muscle fibres, with the intent of soothing, relaxing or toning them. This reproduction involves electrodes placed in various positions on the body to send harmless, painless electrical impulses, to which it responds.

An easy-to-use yet complete electrostimulator

The Medi Stim has two completely distinct functions :

1. An EMS function that optimises your performance

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a recognised practice in the cosmetic and sports sectors. With this function, the Medi Stim will help you optimise the results of your training. Used for 20-30 minutes every day, it will enable you to improve your sports performance significantly.

Medi Stim

An EMS function that will also tone your figure !

The EMS function can also shape your figure, helping you combat cellulite by smoothing the skin.

Our advice :

1) Combine your electrostimulation sessions with regular exercise.
This is because the Medi Stim is at its most beneficial and effective when combined with regular sports activity.
2) When you start, don't hesitate to take time getting used to using electrostimulation by selecting a low intensity suitable for the area to be treated. This will make using the Medi Stim all the easier for you.

2. A TENS function to reduce pain

The TENS function is electrical stimulation of the nerves that interrupts the transmission of pain signals, for immediate, effective relief from symptoms of pain in the muscles and joints related to daily tension as well as exercise - for faster recovery.

Medi Stim

Are you ready to maximise your efforts?