How to get back into a good sleeping pattern before the end of the holidays

The summer holidays are a time for everyone to relax - including our little ones! To slip back into your old routine calmly, it is important to get back to a regular sleeping pattern. Take a look at our advice for doing so!

5 tips for a regular sleeping pattern

  • To get to sleep, it is important to give yourself a moment of peace and quiet before going to bed. Avoid looking at screens, pick up a good book or have a conversation with your loved one and turn down the lights. It's the same for our little ones - avoid boisterous games, read a story on the couch or in bed instead.

  • Get back to healthier eating habits! In summer, when the aperitifs go on and on, we tend to have dinner later. To get ready for the end of the holidays, try to get back to good eating habits. Eat more lightly in the evening and get back to eating properly - a breakfast rich in fibre, with fruit and dairy.

  • Relax before going to bed. Have a nice warm shower, at no more than the body temperature of 37°C, and set aside a moment for yourself to relax. Make sure children have a hot bath before going to bed. This will help them relax, especially if you complement the moment with some gentle, calming music in the bathroom.

  • Do exercise before 7pm. This is because the body starts getting ready for the night around this time. Exercise improves sleep, especially the most restorative phases (deep sleep phases). Exercising too late can have the opposite effect - the adrenaline level and body functions (cardiac and breathing rhythm, temperature, etc.) are too high.

  • Go to bed and get up earlier! It's no secret - to get back to your sleeping pattern, you need to get back to going to bed early and waking up early. Shift the times you get up and go to bed by 15 minutes, for example. This is a gentle way of getting back to your sleeping pattern. Do the same with your children to avoid excessive tiredness when they go back to school.

Lanaform's quick tips for getting regular sleep:

  • Keeping your bedroom at a pleasant temperature is important for encouraging sleep. The ideal temperature is no more than 18 degrees. Also make sure that the air in the bedroom is not too dry. To be sure of this, try our New Vapolux, the easy-to-use humidifier with a simple design. We also have an entire range designed for babies! There is more information on the benefits of an air humidifier in children's bedrooms here.

  • Lighting also plays a very important part in the sleeping pattern. The Wake-Up Light means you wake up properly all year round! It's also perfect for getting our little ones off to sleep in the summer. How? With the sunset function, start telling your child a story and the light will gradually reduce in intensity until it is extinguished altogether. In winter, it enables you to wake up gently by simulating the dawn